5 Emerging Technologies Among Java Developers in 2018

1) Unit test:

In case you need to improve yourself as an engineer in 2018, at this point you should try your unit testing skills. What’s more, not just unit testing, but more robotic testing? This also includes combined testing. You can learn JUnit 5 and other propulsion unit testing libraries like Mockito, Power Mock, Cucumber, and Robot to take your unit testing expertise to the next level. Mockito is extremely efficient and allows you to compose a unit test for complex classes by causing conditions and simply focusing on the items to be tested. If you are a unit testing apprentice and need to learn it in 2018, you should prepare and work harder to compete with your rivals.

2) Big Data and Java EE 8:

Big Data has been a very trendy and encouraging field in the software industry for 3 years. There are many jobs waiting for someone who is comfortable with big data. It is among the Top 10 Technologies for Java Developers in 2018. Many new features are provided with Java EE 8. Servlet 4.0 with http: // 2 support, new and improved JSON creation and processing, CDI and Web services improved rests, new JSF version, new Java EE security API are some of the field updates. But the majority of back-end developers tend to choose Spring as their technology for Java in 2018.

3) JS node:

Today we are excited to have a platform based on Chrome’s Java Script runtime environment called Node.js. It has helped a lot to easily build fast and scalable network applications in today’s dynamic world. The code has the property of being lightweight because Node.js is based on a non-blocking, event-driven I / O model. This has emerged as recent trends in the technologies used by Java developers in 2018. It is very efficient and is perfect for data intensive and real time (RT) applications that can run on any number of devices. distributed.

4) Design models and content readability:

There is no doubt that design patterns are neither a technology nor a framework, but they are the subject of discussion among java developers in 2018. Even in the current scenario, readable, clean and maintainable code is the key. goal of many java developers and it has to be that way only.

5) Angular and React:

If you want to be known as a full-stack developer, it is mandatory that you also have considerable knowledge of front-end technologies. To create an attractive and eye-catching presentation layer of the web application, Angular and React provide the option to do this more conveniently and quickly. While React and Angular aren’t the only options available these days, their growth and popularity is nonetheless evident from the positive reviews given by end consumers.

Source by Achuthan Meta

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