Automated GUI Testing – Challenges and Technologies

To test software, it is essential to create test cases that cover all the functionality and characteristics of the software. These days, automated testing is the key to testing software at all levels. Testing the software’s graphical interface from usability to functionality becomes essential to the success of the software. GUI testing is essential for testing applications, websites, and controls in any language.

GUI test challenges:

  • A highly sophisticated GUI testing tool is required to enable high level GUI automation testing.
  • The technology must be cost effective to handle the sequencing of complex GUI events.

Technologies available for GUI testing:
Various technologies are available for GUI testing. The key is to find the software that best meets your needs and encompasses more than one technology to handle complex GUI testing and sequences.

  • Record the X, Y coordinates: It’s the simplest technology of all where you just record the GUI sequence of events to test and run.
  • Automation of GUI objects: This technology logs GUI events at the object level. It retrieves data from any object like buttons, drop-down menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.
  • Image recognition: As with most apps and many websites, images are an integral part of navigation. Image recognition simulates the human eye and allows percentage matching of the image or sequence of GUI events based on the image.
  • rong> OCR and Legacy Application Integration: OCR and legacy application integration technologies make it easy to test applications not only that do not expose objects, but also with remote desktops.

Most of the automated testing software available in the market has some of the above technologies incorporated into their arsenal. The only software to have all four GUI technologies under one umbrella is Testing Anywhere. Plus, in terms of cost, it’s significantly lower than any of the big names in automated GUI testing.

More information on Testing Anywhere automated GUI testing. Download a free trial version of Testing Anywhere.

Source by Avanti Thairiani

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