CPT III Codes – Temporary Codes For Emerging Technologies

Developed by the American Medical Association (AMA), CPT coding is a standard code that is applied to procedures and services for the purposes of patient records. There are three types of CPT codes: categories I, II and III.

Category III type codes are temporary codes for new and emerging technologies. The idea behind this category of codes is to help researchers keep up with emerging technologies and services to justify intensive use and clinical efficacy. So, if you are someone who embraces new technology, it is quite possible that you are familiar with Category III CPT codes.

This category of CPT codes was created to allow data collection and tracking of the use of new procedures that do not meet the criteria for Category I CPT codes. Category III codes consist of five digits, with four digits followed the letter “T” in the last field. These codes are temporary in nature and will be released if the procedure or service is not accepted as a Category I code within five years.

Few things to keep in mind about this kind of category codes:

* According to the AMA, it is not correct to use a CPT I code or an unlisted procedure if a category III code exists

* Identify a base code that closely resembles the Category III code

* Determine the price list for the category III code using the same methodology as for the procedures not listed

* Watch closely for refunds

WADA updates these codes twice a year, in January and July. So, if you need to get the most recent list of CPT III codes, you can go to WADA’s website.

Source by Michele James Smith

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