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Launched by BC Forbes and Walter Drey in 1917, Forbes Africa is published as a bi-weekly magazine. The original name of the magazine was Forbes: Devoted to Doers and Doings. Its current editor is Steve Forbes and its CEO is Mike Perlis.

At the time, BC Forbes was a financial columnist for the Hearst newspapers and Walter Drey was the managing director of Wall Street magazine. While BC Forbes became the editor, Walter Drey became the vice president of the BC Forbes Publishing Company. Since then, the publishing house has remained a family business, with its headquarters in New York, where all of its main competitors are also located.

Forbes is one of the few magazines to feature original articles on a variety of topics such as: finance, investing, marketing, and industry. In addition to what has been mentioned previously, Forbes Africa magazine also offers articles on technology, science, communications and the law.

Forbes is famous for its lists and rankings, including the Richest Americans Lists (the Forbes 400); and the rankings of the best companies in the world (Forbes Global 2000). One such list that has been recently published is Forbes Africa magazine’s list of the 50 Richest Africans 2013; where Nigerian industrialist Aliko Dangote ranks number one, with a net worth of $ 20 billion.

Forbes Africa’s mission is “To Create Value and Empower People by Telling Africa’s Business Story with Accuracy and Passion – First.” It is distributed in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

In addition to featuring topics such as “The Most Powerful People in the World”, “Global High Performers” and “The World’s Billionaires”, the magazine also features various topics from across the continent, adding additional content as needed. relevant from partners in the United States.

The magazine bridges the gap from various models and explores beyond the obvious, to provide glimpses of a completely different kind. It serves to deliver cutting-edge, in-depth and engaging stories written by experts who use an African perspective to examine global and national issues.

Forbes has grown into a media brand that documents everything interesting and promotes business, culture, innovation, leadership, politics, entertainment, and technology. The distinguishing factor of Forbes is its privileged access to all of the most powerful people in the world; that are game-changing and influencing booming industries around the world.

Since 1917, Forbes magazine has provided global business leaders with useful strategic information about the business world. Part of Forbes’ initiative is bringing into their diaries, cover stories of famous people who are changing the world for the better: Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Christine Lagarde, Jack Dorsey and more.

Forbes is an iconic status in the American media lexicon and a huge success in print and digital formats due to its broad editorial lens. The magazine has changed the way content is created, propagated, read and shared through its unique print, digital and mobile product platforms. Forbes Africa digital magazine and all other Forbes electronic magazines have recently seen increased growth. It is so much easier now to carry your digital copy of Forbes Africa rather than a paper magazine. The digital magazine stays accessible on your mobile device when and where you need it, and it gives you interactive content on the fly.

There are many options when it comes to mobile devices and their operating systems, including: iOS, Android, Windows and Symbian; You also have the option of using the web, and newsstand apps used to download and view magazines are plentiful. Most of the applications are free to download for the user, who need only pay for the magazine subscriptions of their choice. Some applications are free for the publisher, who is then able to offer competent prices to the user.

Get on the tape wagon and start downloading your favorite magazines! Make way for digital reading!

Source by Peter Ducker

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