New Technologies in Roof Insulation

Polyurethane foam is the latest roof insulation technology to hit the market and it has a wide range of applications. The great thing about roof insulation is that it deflects heat before it has a chance to be stored in the attic. This is important because once the heat enters the attic, it can stay there for hours.

A common misconception is that foam roof insulation will make the roof of the building different in some way, but that’s just not the case. After the foam roof insulation is applied, it is covered and the roof ends up looking like any other roof in the block. Polyurethane foam is durable and stiff, so it will not crush if for some reason you have to climb on the roof and walk on it.

Foam insulation has the maximum R-value you can get with any type of insulation on the market and is more than double the R-value of fiberglass. While other types of blown insulation such as rock wool and cellulose will settle and lose their R-value over time, polyurethane foam roof insulation will never stabilize and will retain its R-value for a lifetime. the lifespan of the structure.

For industrial and commercial buildings that are difficult to keep cool, this works wonders and will make a building comfortable and pleasant to work with. For trailers and modular homes, this works great, especially if you live in a sunny climate. It is mixed and applied to the scene and will not damage your unit at all.With energy costs on the rise, now is the time to consider using polyurethane foam insulation to make your home a great place. more comfortable and less expensive to live.

Source by Jerry Mortimer

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