Rapidera Technologies IT Outsourcing Services and Web Solutions

Rapidera Technologies is one of the leading software companies in India. We provide IT Outsourcing, Website Development, iOS App Development, Android App Development, Salesforce Development Services, Data Science Services. We have teams of expertise in Android, iOS, ionic, Java, UI Design, WordPress, PHP, Salesforce, Angular JS, React Native, HTML, CSS and many technologies.

Rapidera Technologies has been providing IT services / IT outsourcing services for seven years. We have IT outsourcing clients from the US, UK and Australia. We have successfully completed and served over 35 enterprise level software outsourcing projects.

Rapidera Technologies started in May 2011 with the explicit goal of creating quality mobile and web products for its customers. The founder is a B.Tech. From IIT Delhi and MBA from IIM Calcutta and 16 years of industry experience. He spent eleven years in the United States in consulting and in several leadership roles in the tech space. The board is made up of Silicon Valley veterans in the mobile and SaaS space.

IT outsourcing

We are an Indian software development company focused on one thing: IT Outsourcing. Rapidera offers IT outsourcing services for innovative software and web application development. IT outsourcing services are one of the most cost effective and convenient methods of reducing the overall operational cost of a business while providing high quality solutions for all IT requirements. Our global software outsourcing model ensures that we deliver the maximum targeted results to you. We provide IT Outsourcing to many small to medium sized businesses in UK, USA, Australia etc.

Website Development –

Rapidera Technologies is a web design company in Pune. We provide services like static website design, responsive website design, dynamic website design with content management system (CMS). , WordPress, opencart, shopping cart development, PHP and Mysql portal development.

Page Coders is one of the best service providers in Pune using the latest technology like HTML5, AngularJs, CSS3, Magento, PHP, MYSQL, WordPress, jQuery, Joomla, CodeIgniter, etc. to make your website perfect and user-friendly.

IOS Application Development –

Rapidera Technologies is a leading mobile application development company among the best mobile application development companies when it comes to developing personalized and inventive mobile applications. We are proficient in the iOS app development team with our promise to create the best apps with the latest technology available. We are a leading iPhone app development company in India with an expert team of iPhone app developers.

Rapidera Technologies is a comprehensive custom iPhone application design and development company. Skilled and experienced in the field of iPhone application development services, Rapidera Technologies is an iPhone application development company that boasts of professional quality of iPhone application development service.

Android application development –

Rapidera Technologies is a leading Android application development company providing professional Android application development services. We are here to make it easier for you to develop and deploy your Android application.

Salesforce Development Services –
We are an India-based custom Salesforce development company with a global customer footprint with 7 years of Salesforce development experience developing custom solutions and workflows for Salesforce CRM.

Data Science Services –
We provide data science consulting services that help businesses leverage these large amounts of data to drive business growth and efficiency. Rapidera Technologies provides data science services and solutions that best suit the customer’s ETL process.

For more information, visit our website –

Rapidera Technologies
703, Deron Heights, 7th Floor,
Above Ranka Jewelers, Baner Road, Baner
Pune 411045 India.

India – 020-27293428
United States – (001) 4158831568/4156869061

E-mail –

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