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In the past, these were custom websites. Everything had to be built from scratch before having a complete and functional site. You needed strong HTML and CSS skills if you were a web designer and if you were a web programmer you needed strong skills in server side scripting, client side scripting and database development. All these increased deadlines for the completion of projects. Over time, industry professionals have continued to develop technologies to overcome these drawbacks.

Gone are the days when you have to build a website from scratch using HTML and other tools. Indeed, there are now modern tools out of the box that can do 50% or even more of the work for you while you do the rest. This has made it possible to shorten the work schedule and increase the efficiency of web developers. Let’s take a look at some of these tools.

1. Models

A template contains a layout for a website along with formatting features that make it look special thanks to the CSS that comes with it. What you need to do is modify it to suit your purpose by adding your content in the placeholders provided and adjusting the relevant areas in the CSS file and your website is ready.

2. Content management system (CMS)

Customers now want to be able to edit their website content without having to hire developer’s service to avoid paying service fees. There are now modern CMS packages that will allow you to create an entire site with a CMS installation. Examples are the Joomla, WordPress and Drupal content management systems. Once you can set up the tool and have acquired the skills to use it, you can start designing web pages without a deep knowledge of HTML, CSS, etc. As it is CMS, it is easy for user to add / edit content independently. These examples are generic in nature. Some CMS are dedicated in nature. For example, CMS e-commerce. These modern tools would allow you to build a buying and selling platform without having strong skills in programming and developing database objects. Quite a few of them are available. These are osCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, Zen Cart, shopify, etc.

The technology of website development is very dynamic. Better and new tools are constantly being developed and existing ones are continually being improved with new versions. Better methods are continually being developed. For example, web pages these days are not designed with tables to align page objects when creating page layouts. HTML tags like DIV tag and others are used instead and make the site search engine friendly. AJAX is also widely used these days to minimize database reconnections in multi-tiered applications.

As a web developer, that means you should always be on the lookout for current industry trends to stay relevant. However, despite the availability of these out-of-the-box developer tools, a web developer should also make an effort to create custom websites as many jobs are always custom types and the ability to do these tasks successfully is a demonstration of your strength and versatility. Additionally, the ability to build sites from scratch would allow you to develop the skills to build your own CMS templates and packages.

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