Advantage and Disadvantage of Open Source ERP Technologies

At present, open source technologies are provided at an affordable price if we compare them to ERP services. But ERP software is one of the most important components of a business and it has become essential to implement ERP software in order to improve the business process. There is a wide variety of ERP software like Open Source ERP, for example. It can be easy and has many advantages. It can be downloaded from the Internet and operate in any business environment to meet business requirements without the need to pay for it.

The ERP client server has been implemented by many medium to large sized companies despite the fact that this application is sufficiently expensive. Due to the huge price tag, most small and medium businesses never thought about implementing this software in their business system. Once Open Source ERP hit the market, things changed dramatically. Because Open Source ERP is able to meet the business needs of a small industry, many small and medium businesses have started using this software. Also, being a free app, the demand for this app has increased significantly. All of these ERP features have prompted more companies to test it in their business environment.

Obviously, many companies spend large sums of money to license ERP software, to get professional services like software implementation and employee training. The use of an Open Source ERP does not require a license or an implementation. It can be simply downloaded from the Internet, installed in your company system, and run. The download and installation process only takes a few minutes and the open source ERP will immediately start working for you.

Of course, ERP software has advantages and disadvantages like any other software.

One of the downsides is that a company that uses Open Source ERP cannot take advantage of the services offered by a vendor because the company manages all of its activities independently. In this case, if a simple mistake is not corrected immediately, it can have disastrous effects and it can turn out to be a costly affair. In addition, the company will not be offered any professional assistance and will therefore be forced to learn from its mistakes.

Open source ERP technologies have certain limitations. For example, they do not find any applicability in all the activities of the company and this is of no use when it comes to conventional practices. It is not recommended to implement open source technology without changing the way older systems work.

Considering the fact that this type of ERP is a free application and customers don’t need to spend large sums of money for it, they don’t expect to find all the features that we usually come across in traditional ERP client-server software.

But despite its limitations, Open Source ERP remains an excellent option for all companies who consider that the implementation and use of this software can streamline their activities at a lower cost.

Source by Jhon Napier

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