New Mobile Technology – What Are the New Technologies and How Can I Utilize Them?

The world of mobile technology is a rapidly changing landscape, with manufacturers seeking to satisfy the ever-growing thirst of mobile users for new features and better equipment at a reasonable cost in an extremely competitive market.

So what’s up? Who hasn’t heard of the latest incarnation of the most successful, and some would still say the best touchscreen mobile phone – the Apple 3G S. It’s faster, has more storage, a better camera that can now take pictures. videos, voice control, maps, internet access – the list goes on. It is also now cheaper.

Then we have Mobile VOIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol – a way to make a phone call from your 3G enabled mobile using the internet to carry the call instead of the mobile network as you normally would. The main advantage is the cost – since most Internet access is fixed cost, you can use this method to call anywhere else in the world with an Internet connection. The savings can be huge; especially for international calls. Currently Skype (popular for PC-to-PC phone calls), TruPhone and a company called Fring provide mobile VoIP service for 3G smartphones.

But how will mobile phone providers respond to people’s ever-growing desire to watch live video and TV on their devices? The current batch of 3G (3rd generation) devices is fine, but has its limitations. 4G mobile (4th generation) is therefore under development. This will give the user not only high quality video on demand streaming (for TV) but also high speed internet access, video chat and fast downloading of video and music content. A great mobile entertainment center for those who live their lives in a suitcase.

Finally, an interesting, but potentially irritating, craze has grown by taking advantage of one of the most widely used features of mobile technology – Blue tooth. Originally conceived as a simple method by which two blue tooth compatible devices could exchange messages and information over short distances wirelessly, it now has an additional function: “blue jacking”. Bluejacking is simply sending unsolicited (and anonymous) messages to someone else’s device within reach of the author. An ordinary “blue jacker” was quoted as saying, “The priceless expression on my first victim’s face as he tried to figure out what was going on made me a regular blue jacker.” That being said, there are some easy ways to keep yourself from being ‘plugged in’ – turn off your Blue tooth when you’re not using it: don’t make your device discoverable – but a lot of people don’t care. .

Source by Brian Jordan Woods

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