The World’s Greenest Homes Use a Combination of Technologies

What do the world’s greenest homes feed on when it comes to power generation? What green technologies are they used on? Which is the most effective? Do they run entirely on geothermal energy, using networks of pipes drawing heat from the Earth? Are they only solar powered using active and passive solar energy? Are they designed entirely to run on electricity supplied by wind turbines that generate power for the home? Maybe they are managed by some type of water wheel system for all their power needs? Can you guess the answer?

Well, really, the greenest homes in the world are the ones that put many aspects of power generation into practice. For example, heat and hot water could be provided by solar / geothermal means. Water flowing through a network of pipes sunk into the ground, heat from the Earth can be transferred to the water flowing in the pipes which then circulates throughout the house to provide hot water and also a little heat, while passive solar energy heats up. the house also thanks to the strategic placement of the windows and the use of insulated glass windows with double or triple glazing.

Besides this pair of hand-in-hand techniques mentioned, the greenest homes in the world could also use active solar energy (through the use of photovoltaic cells, also known as “ solar panels ”) along with the production of solar energy. wind power. When systems for extracting free energy from the environment can pair up and act as a team, energy efficiency simply seems limitless. Through the use of multiple battery cells to store the accumulated electricity that we can generate from the environment and then regulate the flow of current around the house, there appears to be an endless supply of free energy being harvested. from the environment for our personal use.

For this reason, the greenest homes in the world are those that use the effect of a multi-angle approach to green living. It is this type of green energy efficient technology that works best – the system all working together. When designing a green house, it is best to use as many combinations of green technologies as possible – create redundant systems in case something could happen to one of them (like a tree falling on a tree). solar panel).

Once you have set up as many angles as possible, all working together, one complementing each other, then you will have one of the greenest homes in the world. From there, self-sufficiency and “off-grid life” are quite achievable. All it takes is a willingness to diversify your sources, your free renewable energy resources. After all, the more you can benefit from using the abundantly available and always renewable resources of free energy, the better – am I right?

Source by Bryan Kenny

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