Top Hair Straightener Technologies To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Hair Straightener

For styling or straightening, people use many different products. But, there is a product called “ hair straightener ” which can help you achieve beautiful and nourished hair every day. It is important to use a branded product because the technology they are built with is very advanced. They will not fry your hair or damage it. Before you go into the market or search online for a hair styling product, it is essential to keep these important points in mind: today there are dozens of companies around the world that manufacture flat irons. People should keep in mind that their chosen flat irons have ceramic ion plates or infrared plates.


When discussing hair straighteners it is important to mention tourmaline as it is a vital technology that must be present in these devices. Tourmaline is like a gemstone used to create negative ions. Plus, it’s a great way to get acquainted with infrared technology, if you’re not at all aware of it.

1. It is used to give your hair a silkier finish.

2. Your hair will become more responsive.

3. If you are suffering from frizzy hair, tourmaline technology will help reduce it.

4. The natural oils and moisture from your hair will be sealed inside the hair.

An important fact about tourmaline straighteners, as their manufacturers claim, is that they are four times more effective than regular ceramic straighteners.

Ceramic ion plates

It is another effective material for hair, and many companies that make hair straighteners use these plates because they help maintain hair shine by emitting ions. These ions act as vitamins and result in long, shiny hair.

Combination plates based on ceramic and tourmaline

It is another type of plates considered suitable for hair. They work much better than solid ceramic plates because they are less brittle and can heat up very quickly. The temperature can also differentiate on specific areas of the plates, which can improve the straightening process.

There are many hair straighteners that come with ceramic coated aluminum plates which are ideal for styling hair. Aluminum heats up very quickly and when such material is mixed with ceramic, which distributes heat evenly, users can achieve superior results. Moreover, they do not cause any damage to the hair, so people can regularly use ceramic coated aluminum plates.

These are some of the most advanced hair straighteners available in the world today. Here are the benefits of using these straighteners:

1. They heat up very quickly and stay at the exact temperature for the duration of use.

2. They offer smoother results than regular straighteners.

3. The heat is distributed more evenly on the plates.

4. These straighteners are quite gentle on the hair, so they can be used regularly.

Infrared technology

This is one of the latest technology that you would see in hair straighteners today. They do not overheat the surface of the hair, but maybe the heating of the hair starts from the inside to the outside. With this, the hair stays straight longer.

If you are looking for shinier, silkier and shinier hair, you must have a hair straightener that incorporates infrared technology. You no longer need to see split ends, as infrared technology straighteners can lock in moisture in hair and preserve appearance. Ultimately, you get soft and beautiful hair.

Ion field technology

This technology has changed the world of modern hair straighteners because this technology allows the generation of a field of negatively charged particles useful for the hair. This technology helps the products seal in moisture in the hair. It is one of the best technologies that can be used in hair straighteners.

These are the most innovative technologies that you can look for when considering purchasing a hair straightener. Hope you are buying the best product because it is all about your hair.

Source by Rebecca Lexton

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