Audio Conferencing – Web 2.0 Pizzazz Vs Same-Old-Same-Old

What should you know about Web 2.0 audio conferencing? How is that different from your old crispy PIN-code phone number that you carried in your wallet or purse?

Lacquer innovation of traditional services – Audio conferencing has seen little innovation since its inception in the 1980s. It started with an AT&T operator call center and you paid $ 1 per minute per participant. It had basic characteristics and rigid rules. After the allotted time, you were interrupted and you were charged additional fees for everything like operator fees, late fees, no-show fees, and cancellation fees. Clearly, traditional services were as bad as a drill sergeant. After the divestiture of AT&T in the mid-1980s, “reservationless” technology emerged to provide new basic Baby Bells services. These technologies are always with us. The innovation with reservationless was the ability to use the same PIN code for multiple calls without having to schedule each call through an operator.

Combines the best of both phone and data worlds – “Web 2.0 audio conferencing” is an emerging industry that describes a new generation of technology that breathes new life into a heavy but essential business service. Traditional services, or the same old conference, connected the telephone wires together. The new services combine traditional telephone technologies with the new generation of web technologies, like the i-Phone® and the Blackberry®, to deliver new features and functions that make the user experience more efficient … and perhaps even more fun. Ease of use, convenience, more features and superior quality at a lower cost are its calling card.

The power of Web 2.0 features is finally here – This new audio conferencing technology combines the best of both telephone and web worlds. For example, let’s say you need to get your work team together right now to handle an emergency. Now you can just tap your group list and browse! You are all on the phone. Gone is the process of emailing everyone, waiting for confirmations, making the call, waiting for latecomers. These cumbersome obstacles to greater efficiency are removed. Such capabilities were not possible with the same old-same old audio conferencing, but today they are simple to perform and generate powerful results.

Special note: Web 2.0 audio conferencing and “Web conferencing” are not the same. Web conferencing enables a computer screen view, such as a PowerPoint slide, to be broadcast to participants. Audio conferencing manages telephone connections. Sometimes the two technologies are used together. Most often however, audio conferencing is used because it does not require everyone to be at a computer every time.

To learn more, Google “Web 2.0 Audio Conferencing”.

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