Digital Media Investments – What Opportunities Are Being Considered?

Are you currently the head of a digital media technology company or a digital media company or other media related businesses and are you considering raising capital? It is one of the most sought after industries by angel investors, venture capitalists, and other investors. However, as technology and industry evolves, the definition of “new media” or “digital media” or “Internet media” becomes increasingly broad. For capital seekers this is a big trend as it means more and more companies are now expanding their mandate to include ‘media’ assets, in this article we have revealed our latest interviews and conclusions from VCs and angel investors on the type of industries and segments will be looking for in 2010.

What are they looking for?

Essentially, the term Media / Digital Media generally applies to companies whose business activities are engaged in the following areas:

1. Internet media

In general terms this means “website,” one fund manager suggested looking at companies similar to ebay, Amazon and other online retailers; another fund manager suggested informational websites that have unique and selective target audiences; such as the Hispanic news portal, or a particular Internet television as investment opportunities.

2. Digital media technologies

In general terms, the technologies that can deliver media such as video clips, video streaming. Particular examples are digital technologies which can enhance images for sporting events, or the digital remote control, or specific digital technologies used on iPhone or for real estate agents for example.

3. Social media websites

More and more fund managers are breaking it down as an investment class in its own right. This is an area of ​​special interest and likely to attract a lot of investor attention, the basic premise being that if you are able to run a large social media website, you essentially have a very large base. data and you can use this database for marketing and other purposes, this is a very powerful yet low cost business that is able to grab the attention of venture capitalists.

4. Digital market research and digital marketing

Investors are struggling to find a universal term for this sector. Ultimately, this applies to businesses that use the digital / online platform for services, including market research. A really good example is my friend’s business which has over 400,000 members, and it’s a great platform for doing market research, it has attracted $ 10 million from venture capitalists.

One area many have not realized the potential of is market research and digital marketing agencies; this has been a particularly booming area for venture capital firms to invest; because they are low cost and scalable businesses; and generally fast growing companies due to new technologies and new concept introduced in online media.

Source by Thomas C Su

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