Encouraging Business for a Culture of Open Innovation

Most companies want and intend to innovate, but fail to follow through on their intentions. While the array of activities in today’s world is abundant, what people lack is to “notice” it. As Pieter Theil noted, “Business innovation mostly happens behind the scenes and not in newspapers or once on TV. “We wanted flying cars, instead we have 140 characters.” Open innovation comes with several challenges and obstacles, so encouraging open innovation companies is about dealing with multiple “ demons ” at the same time in a long-standing battle. Unlike a small one-day skirmish. We didn’t want to spark rhetoric by questioning existing cultural barriers.

Build the team – There is an aspect where you hire the best and the brightest groups of people. You need those people who are ethical, who are ambitious and daring. And then there’s this whole other aspect of hiring the smartest, brightest set of fresh, young candidates. Administrative bureaucracy and “old guard” ideas are deadly traps in this world of innovation, read by all – Open Innovation! This is important for improving internal collaboration and bringing a wave of new technology and new perspectives to solving a problem. This approach uses people to drive around processes, knowledge, governance and technology towards open innovation. To realize how critical this aspect of the team is,

Technological research – To gain insight into the power and impact of Open Innovation, contact new partners and technologies in the field and topics that your company has already identified. Develop your capabilities in-house, bring in experts who can help you not only with ideas, but also to identify your problem and introduce you to the list of people, organizations and technologies that can solve your problem! The advantage of bringing in experts already allows you to anticipate intellectual property strategy and development frameworks. Tech scouting harnesses the concept of business ecosystems through technology systems to meet needs. A more open field but which carefully seeks to make intellectual property useful and to transform relationships.

Defining innovation – Innovation is a rather abstract term. It means several things to many people and it could be a big cause of innovation failure. Innovation has many dimensions, shapes and aspects. A company may only be looking for incremental innovations in its product. Another may be thinking of a radical process innovation. Another third could be interested in exploration while a fourth is dedicated to service and management innovation! This is a very important point which we believe needs to be addressed because the return on investment needs to be measured. How will you define the ROI? Will it be a commitment? Will it be the number of ideas generated? Will it be based on the research results? Where has a company been in the news about innovation?

The above indicators are only a snapshot of the war zone entered by a company. At all levels and at all levels, there will be people who resist a change of movement. The devil, people believe, is change, not the status quo. Young employees will be given less responsibilities or wings cut off. Lower hires to ensure the personal growth of a person relative to the company. Risk aversion, syndrome not invented here, “Only experts understand” state of mind and IP trolls will put tech scouting back on track. Leadership and the lack of will to truly innovate will result in an ambiguous innovation strategy, framework and further abuse of the term!

Source by Chris T J

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