How to Transform Business With Outcome-Oriented IT Infrastructure?

There is an emerging need for an IT infrastructure that is well aligned with business goals and results, especially as most organizations today consider IT to be more than just a support function. . Many organizations are focused on IT improvements and incremental operational changes to ensure continued profitability.

There is also a need to focus on IT transformation to support smarter and more innovative ways of working. A results-driven approach to business can help IT deliver innovative and successful business capabilities, which in turn drive business transformation. Technology is not the exclusive factor influencing business and other crucial factors such as cost, service and business should also be duly considered.

Technology – Technology must enable business capabilities and facilitate process improvement. However, it is not just about implementing the latest cutting edge technologies. Rather, it is about effectively implementing technologies that help drive business results. Organizations must choose technologies that are relevant to the business and that address current and potential business issues.

Cost – Despite the intense pressure on IT budgets, these are no longer “cheaper” services. Today, it is about optimizing costs while generating a sustainable competitive advantage. Organizations focus on creating value by optimizing all business activities. All cost reduction efforts invariably add value to strategic IT initiatives.

A service – The IT functions mainly focus on improving operations and increasing efficiency. Operations should be viewed by IT from a service perspective, as this would help meet the unique needs of different classes of users.

Business – Activation of activities is one of the main expected results of IT. And this is only possible when IT is aligned with the goals and objectives of the organization. The IT functions mainly focus on improving operations and increasing efficiency.

Every business, without exception, wants to get the most out of all of its business units, including IT. Even environmental sustainability is almost becoming a priority on the strategic agenda of many companies, and it is the IT unit that should take the lead in green initiatives. IT typically does this by developing energy efficient IT infrastructures. IT is expected to proactively drive green initiatives as well as all other business initiatives that have the potential to transform the business with results. At this point, when it’s seen as crucial for businesses to align their IT with business goals, it’s equally important to give due weight to green initiatives.

Source by Ramy Krish

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