Relevance Of DukeScript For Java Developers

The choice of device, operating system and web browser differs from user to user. Therefore, Java programmers have to spend extra time and effort in building cross-platform software applications. As a new technology, DukeScript makes it easier for Java programmers to build cross-platform desktop, web and mobile applications with a single code base.

It allows programmers to create views with HTML5 and business logic with Java. Developers also have the option to write the Java code once and reuse the same code on the client side and the server side. Therefore, Java programmers can use DukeScript to create a variety of cross-platform software applications depending on business needs.

Features that make DukeScript relevant for Java developers


DukeScript accelerates cross-platform software development by combining Java and UI technologies. Technologies allow programmers to separate user interface from software and business logic. Developers can also write business logic in Java and reuse the code on both the client and the server. However, DukeScript applications still run in a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). But they deliver and display the pages through an HTML rendering engine. When loading a page, DukeScript links dynamic page elements to the data model using Knockout.js.

Supports widely used web technologies

DukeScript is not intended as a scripting language. But it supports widely used web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Open technologies make it easier for Java programmers to create software that runs seamlessly across different devices and platforms. Developers can make DukeScript applications more responsive by using robust frameworks such as Bootstrap. However, they still have the option of writing business logic in the Java programming language.

Emphasis on writing clean Java code

Each DukeScript application is a simple Java application. But DukeScript applications use UI technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript for rendering. Therefore, developers can use business logic in Java, while creating responsive user interfaces with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Developers can also reuse the same Java code on the client side and on the server side by integrating DukeScript with Java EE and Spring. However, technology is forcing programmers to write clean, readable Java code.

Cross-platform software development

As stated earlier, DukeScript enables Java programmers to quickly build cross-platform desktop, web, and mobile applications. Developers can create web applications by combining Java and DukeScript that run smoothly in the browser without resorting to Java plug-ins. Likewise; DukeScript also allows programmers to create mobile applications compatible with iOS and Android. Developers also have the option of distributing the apps through the Apple App Store and Google Play. DukeScript further allows programmers to create cross-platform desktop applications using HTML and CSS.

Ready-to-use APIs

Out-of-the-box APIs provided by DukeScript help Java programmers to simplify cross-platform software development. Developers also have the option of linking existing APIs to various JavaScript libraries according to their exact needs. They can even use their favorite tools to take advantage of features like code completion and automated code analysis. Additionally, Java developers can use robust IDEs like NetBeans to more efficiently configure cross-platform software applications.

Commercial support

Novice Java programmers can simplify cross-platform software development by having commercial support for every phase of the software development lifecycle. Commercial support includes training, consulting, development and help desk service. Commercial support makes it easier for Java programmers to create a custom DukeScript application based on business needs.

Overall, Java programmers can use DukeScript to build cross-platform desktop, web, or mobile applications depending on business needs. They can further simplify cross-platform software development by taking advantage of the out-of-the-box APIs provided by DukeScript.

Source by Arun Kumar Biswal

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