What Is the Most Important New Technology for Solving World Problems?

Years ago people in one country had to communicate with another country using analogue telephones, faxes and handwritten letters, which took time. With the advent of much newer technologies, it is now possible to correspond with each other in a convenient and happy way. The article focuses on this aspect. So read on to find out.

Solving global problems involves people. And they can use cell phone, email and Skype technologies to correspond, have conversations, and come to an agreement or solution.

With cell phones, you can share your opinions in brief and let you know your point of view on a topic. Later you can go to Skype, going into more detail. You can continue to follow up on your email conversations.

You can add people to a group on Skype; so you can form a group in an email account such as Gmail. You can add or remove people as you like. The main idea is to work with a team of people to solve global problems.

You need to secure your email and Skype accounts with strong passwords so that no one can hack them. Your phone calls should be private and if you are using Viber their password should be secure as well.

You may want to keep separate accounts for the large team of people so you don’t juggle conversations with your other less involved friends. This way you can keep track of where you left off with your team of people regarding a global issue.

The United States, Europe, Asia and Africa must all contact each other to resolve their issues. So it is imperative that you have your own calendar for knowing when to communicate with others through online meetings. It is good to send pre-written emails to your team / group to gently remind them of upcoming virtual meetings via certain technologies.

It would be a good idea to get everyone involved in a certain place to have opinions and conversations. But virtual meetings are much better to hold for lowering the cost of spending on hotel and flight accommodation and therefore saving time and energy.

So I would suggest that cell phone, Skype, and email correspondence are the best technologies for communicating with each other, discussing views as a group, and finally finding a solution to a global problem after a series of multiple virtual meetings.

Source by Rosina S Khan

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