Advantages of Using IT in Education

New technologies can be a fantastic opportunity to experiment and develop with new teaching methods in the field of education. This article examines the benefits of using technology in schools. Among the reasons for using technology, we present a few suggested by several teachers and researchers:

Equality. There is a great disparity between schools in all countries. Even among public schools, there are schools with more resources than others. Students who have access to new technologies may have an increased chance to develop skills and significant benefits in the learning process.

Motivation. Thanks to constant feedback, technological tools motivate many students to learn more.

Social. Another advantage of using IT is to create opportunities for social proximity among apprentices.

Possibility of extending the time and place. The student can access the course material and the information presented by the teacher 100% of the time on the Internet. Computing makes it possible to learn anywhere, anytime. Note that class time is short.

Depth of understanding. Through interactive simulations and illustrations, a deeper understanding of a concept can be obtained. With access to the same tools, students can experience the concepts themselves.

New learning. New technologies allow students to learn on their own through projects. They can also create affinity spaces through IT.

New media for self-expression. Students can make their work known thanks to new technologies: presentation of works with PowerPoint, recording / editing of oral presentations, digital photography, video, newspaper or diary, organization of school radio or television on the Web, composition of music on a synthesizer, creating a website, creating a blog, etc.

Collaborative learning. It’s a vital skill, according to several researchers, in the new digital world, the ability to work collaboratively on projects with others who may not even be physically close. This can be done using the new tools: web, email, instant messaging and mobile phone. Instead of working alone at home, students can work in small groups anytime, anywhere.

Global communication. The students’ worldview can be broadened as new technologies enable communication around the world at zero cost. For example, the Internet allows video conferencing. We can emphasize that researchers stress the importance of understanding other cultures through direct dialogue and collaboration.

Individual time. Information technologies allow students to organize their activities in a more personal way, according to their time and their organization. Without interrupting others, they can repeat difficult lessons and explore topics they find interesting.

Personal productivity. Students need productivity tools to write, read, communicate, organize, etc., as well as other workers. In this way, tools such as personal computers make activities more efficient.

At low price. Through the use of free and open tools on the web, the student can reduce his expenses with expensive study materials. Many materials are created by educational communities and shared for free on the web.

Here are some reasons why technology is important in today’s school.

Source by Marco A. Bomfoco

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