Biosphere Gasification Process: Solution to Energy and Waste Problems

Power generation and waste disposal are two of the most difficult tasks a nation has to accomplish. Settling for both is a huge challenge, as the production of energy itself produces waste. For decades, a lot of research and development has been invested in finding ways to generate electricity with little or no waste byproducts. Such efforts are leading to the boom in renewable energies and the boom in the sustainable development industry.

The sustainability industry advocates the use of green energy technologies for power generation. These technologies include solar power, wind power, geothermal power, hydroelectricity, wave power, and other technologies that do little or no harm to the environment. These methods of producing energy, although much less harmful than the prevalent ones like coal and petroleum, are held back by the fact that they are inefficient in terms of efficiency, as well as huge capital is required to be invested. in large scale. scaling process. As the general use of green energy technologies appears to be far removed, a new discovery has been made that has the potential to revolutionize not only the sustainability industry, but the entire energy market.

The biosphere gasification process not only solves the problem of clean energy production, it also solves the problem of disposing of existing waste. Energy from the biosphere, the latest addition to waste-to-energy technologies, converts solid waste into green electricity. This involves the use of biosphere machines to heat the waste to extreme temperatures, turning it into steam and then into electrical energy. The whole process is carried out in oxygen-limited chambers, which considerably limits carbon emissions.

Biosphere gasification technology was developed by Dr. Chris McCormack, world renowned author of several scientific and environmental books and also CEO of Global Environmental Energy Corporation (GEECF). This technology gave birth to the clean energy elimination system called The Biosphere MK-V. The MK-V Biosphere not only involves economic security through oil independence, it also completely eliminates the need for landfills, freeing up land that can be used for other purposes. Not only is solid waste removed with the BMK-V, but greenhouse gas emissions are also reduced by over 90%, thus slowing the rate of global warming. It is believed that the global use of biosphere gasification will not only stop climate change, but also provide enough space for things to turn around and the global temperature to return to normal.

A biosphere treatment facility requires little initial investment compared to other energy generation technologies. No catalyst is also needed, so operating costs are drastically reduced. A biosphere facility is capable of recycling a maximum of 720 tonnes of solid waste and destroying up to 172 tonnes of non-recyclable solid waste per day.

The biosphere gasification process is already used by developed countries around the world such as United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Beirut, China, Taiwan, Brazil, Libya, l ‘Italy, Canada, West Africa, Singapore, China, Japan, Russia, Canada and soon the Philippines. The said countries are already planning their transition to make biosphere technology their main means of generating electricity. Gasification of the biosphere has the potential to solve both the world’s energy needs and its waste problem.

Source by D. A. Ocampo

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