Call Me Old Fashioned

My dad used to say call me the old fashioned way. Well I guess it’s my turn now. With so many new technologies available and being made especially in the field of robotics with drones flying everywhere, you wonder how far this technology will take us. Can we reach Alpha Centauri in a week or coexist with self-righteous human droids?

In a sense, the development of new technologies improves the human experience. But, there must also be a balance where technology does not hold back the physical and mental development of the human body or mind. We are all born with attributes that allow every human being to not only adapt to the environment in which they were born. but, the ability to grow physically and mentally with the guidance of our parents, teachers, coaches and others. This is to be able to reach our full potential as human beings. If we allow technology to do most of this for us, we will lose sight of our original purpose that God intended for us.

Of course, the development of new technologies and the improvement of existing ones improve our quality of life in a way. But, in today’s world where there is so much inequality, millions of people around the world will still not be able to use everything that has been developed. The imbalances that exist have only created the need for humanity to rely on its own autonomy just to survive. If we succumb to allowing technology to replace our capacity for self-reliance, regardless of whether we colonize other worlds or not, it will prove disastrous. All because of our ability to adapt and rely on our own initiative and ingenuity when technology ultimately fails and will be replaced by technology. It is our ability to be self-reliant that allows us to fix failing technology or adapt to the circumstances around us when technology fails again. Think about it when using a lighter to find that there is no lighter fluid or match.

Call me old-fashioned a centuries-old tradition. The sophistication of my father’s days has stuck with me throughout the years, although I am fortunate enough to be able to use some of the technology that has been developed. The computer is one of those technological marvels that have enabled millions of people from all walks of life to gather information and created job opportunities that did not exist before. But it was my ability to remain independent that made me who I am today. A self made man.

Today and in the future, we have to walk a very fine line between developing technologies that will enhance our ability to be self-sufficient or to be influenced to develop technologies that take away the ability to do so. Think about that Zager and Evans song “In The Year 2525” could actually come true. What a world that would be. Personally, I would not like to be part of society. That is why whenever we develop new technology, we must be careful to keep human existence intact and not deprive ourselves of our own ability to be creative or to be self-reliant.

Source by Dr. Tim G Williams

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