Waterless Washing Machines – The Washing Technology of the Future

Water scarcity is one of the germination issues within the UK community. It is obvious that water is the elixir of life. Everyone is aware of its importance. With washing machines inevitable, gadgets become the main household that uses a lot of water for washing. Various measures have been taken by leading companies to minimize the water consumption of these machines. Cutting-edge technologies are introduced to the market every day. A waterless washing machine is one of the dream technologies every business is getting into these days.

A waterless washing machine is one of the advanced technologies developed by researchers at the University of Leeds. These machines use as little as 2% water compared to conventional washing machines. The power consumption of this widget is also very low. So what’s the mechanism behind this waterless washing machine? To know the answer to this question, we need to be aware of some basic physical phenomena. It’s just a mutual attraction between positive and negative ions.

How it works

These machines are made of nylon balls. These beads being positively charged, stick easily to stains. The intricate structure of the pearls welcomes stains to stick to the pearls. Technically speaking, the beads act as catalysts for your laundry / detergent. These increase the specificity of the detergent to act on the related stains.

The principle of operation of the waterless washing machine is also very simple. You must first load your laundry. Next, you need to allow nylon or other beads to interact with your clothing. There will be a cartridge specially designed for loading these balls. You just need to add a glass of water with the detergent, as you would normally use in conventional washing machines. You are almost done. You can open the drain after the washing process is complete. The beads will be completely filtered.

What’s the advantage?

Waterless washing machines have many advantages over conventional machines.

o It only consumes 2% water compared to standard washing machines.

o It is ideal for dry cleaning and conventional washing.

o Power consumption is very low which is one of the unique features of this machine.

o You do not need to spend time for the drying cycle as the whole process is carried out with a minimum amount of water. This ensures fantastic power saving features.

o Stain removal is very effective.

o Ecological washing is also provided.

o No damage to your clothes.

o You can recycle logs up to about 100 times.

Ironing can be done easily.

The waterless virtual machine is considered one of the best innovations in the field of cleaning technology. Eco-balls have already been introduced to the market. These Eco-balls have had a huge impact on cleaning technology. The introduction of this technology will certainly have a huge impact on people all over the world. With water scarcity seen as a major problem in all countries, the waterless washing machine is sure to be a revolution in the future.

When can you expect this gadget?

The product will hit the market in the last quarter of 2009. The technology has recently been patented for one of the largest washing machine manufacturers in the UK. According to a survey conducted in the United Kingdom, the average consumption of water by British households is 21 liters per day, exclusively for washing purposes. The invention of the waterless washing machine not only left environmentalists in heaven, but also made the British very happy with the news.

Source by Fredrick Joy

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