Future Education In The Age Of The Implanted Brain Information and Communication Chip

Not long ago, I was chatting with a future Think Tank member about his concerns about how education in North America and the world is not keeping pace with technology or is not ready. for the future of computer-brain interfaces. It might sound like an esoteric topic, but when you consider the speed of these technologies, I’m sure we’ve all thought about how your smartphone will be nothing more than a brain chip with full internet access. works with your organic brain in real time. You want to send a thought, think about it, think about who you’d like to send that thought to, and it’s sent, post to social media and you’re done.

You want to learn a new subject, no need, you have instant access to all human information, and it will feel like it’s all in your own memory, just think of a question and a viola, you have the answer. My knowledge of the think tank noted that we are very far from that future, and if the past is any indication of how we might handle this future, then we have big problems. Education is already broken and it won’t be able to adapt to something so different. He noted that we need to fix all the teaching of red memorization, it is not working. And, I would submit to you that it will be even worse in the future, in fact; why memorize anything if you have unlimited full time access to all the information ever created and stored in the cloud of humanity?

So what he’s saying is we need to teach people to THINK, not just line students up, crack open their skulls and pour information into them, which pedagogy has been for most of the twentieth century. and now for a year. a lot of this century. I of course agree. If we integrate the brain chip or implanted information, or if we access all human information in real time in the brain, it will only work if the human user has enough foresight to ask the right questions and pollinate the information in the brain. an innovative system. and creatively. It’s something humans are good at, when they practice it, and right now, AI computers aren’t as good at. Together (AI + human brains), they will be smarter than either, smarter than today’s human, and smarter than a future AI computer chip with instant access to all human information. to date and all new information in real time.

The increase in IQ would not matter. Everyone would be super smart and keep unlimited information in the cloud storage device or in a set of distributed cloud computers across the planet. The best and most creative minds would use this information in the most original way, ask the best questions, and answer most of those questions to ask new ones. The speed of innovation would be so intense that Ray Kurzweil’s theory of “singularity” would be realized in a short time.

Source by Lance Winslow

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