Headlight Technology Has a Very Bright Future

The race is still open among automakers to deliver new technology that will put them ahead of the pack. While much of the work of engineers focuses on powertrains and fuel efficiency, they also keep an eye on aesthetics. Let’s face it, we all want our cars to look great and get noticed on the streets, and headlights are a fantastic way to achieve that. Check in your rearview mirror while you’re on the road at night, and now you’re likely to see all kinds of different headlights flickering towards you, from projector headlights to halo lights that come in a variety of different colors.

In fact, if you go to your local auto parts store, you will see that the custom headlight section is growing at a fairly rapid rate. As crazy as the United States is about their cars, the point is, they are at the back of the pack when it comes to headlight technology. Just because Europeans provide brighter and better quality products, it’s not because regulations regarding the use of headlights and the type of headlight that can be used are quite restrictive in the United States.

Times are changing, however, and automatic lighting in this part of the world is less and less regulated. Among the most commonly used automotive lamps on the market are High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps, which are essentially lit by an arc instead of a filament. Auto makers looking to make a splash, usually on high-end models, are now opting for LED lights for cars. They are not the brightest on the market, but their design flexibility and low power consumption make them popular, although they have a high cost to manufacture, which is why luxury cars are usually where they end up. . BMW says their cars will be there. laser lights in the future, but don’t expect a James Bond style light that will let you cut through walls and other solid objects. Which they will be brilliant and incredibly precise.

Custom headlights now include headlamps and the ability of the lights to follow the curves of the road. This idea originated in the 1980s, when sealed beam headlights were the first to consider beam shaping. They weren’t the most efficient lights ever made, but they did, sorry the pun, shape the way for future technologies like projection lighting. The future of this technology is expected to be unveiled by Audi, with its Matrix lighting, using LED lights that eliminate the need for separate low beam and high beam settings. These lights may not be seen in the United States for a while, due to those pesky regulations that require vehicles to have separate low beam and high beam settings.

One thing that is certain about the future of automotive headlights is that it will be beyond the reach of the average modification enthusiast.

Source by Waqar Hasan

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