Robotics: A Look at The Future Technology

What do you know about the future of robotics? Well, we can’t say anything for sure as technology is changing at a rapid pace in all areas, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, one thing is obvious: robots will also have a big role in the life of an ordinary man, not to mention that they will also be used in industries.

A research firm has made 10 predictions for robotics that we are going to talk about in this article. The list contains some really interesting forecasts that can have a big impact on our company and our business.

Robots and the future of surgery

Nowadays, surgeons use robotics in their surgeries. In fact, the technological development of AI, navigation, computer vision, MEMS sensor and other technologies has constantly improved robots.

Additionally, robotics will accelerate the innovation process, disrupting and changing the paradigm of future business operations. Additionally, robotics can strengthen a company’s competitive advantage by improving quality and increasing productivity. Below are some predictions that will help you get a glimpse into the future of robotics.

1. Growth of robotics

In 2019, around 30% of robotics use in industries will be in the form of a RaaS business model. This will help businesses reduce the cost of deploying robots.

2. Robotics agent

In 2019, around 30% of large organizations around the world will use a robot leader to improve their business.

3. Evolving competition

In 2020, large organizations will be able to choose from different vendors with the entry of new players in the multi-billion dollar information and communications industry to increase the deployment of robotics.

4th talent race

In 2020, the growth of robots will boost the race for talent. As a result, around 35% of robotics-related jobs will be vacant and the average salary will increase by at least 60%.

5. Regulations

In 2019, governments will introduce new robot regulations to save jobs and address privacy, safety and security concerns.

6. Software-defined robots

By 2020, around 60% of these machines will rely on cloud-based applications to introduce new skills, applications and cognitive capabilities. As a result, the world will see a cloud-based robotic market.

7. Collaborative robots

In 2018, around 30% of robots will be intelligent collaborative machines that will be 300% faster than today’s robots. In addition, they will work safely around humans.

8. RoboNet

In 2020, around 40% of commercially available robots will be part of a shared intelligence network. As a result, the overall operational efficiency of the robots will increase by 200%.

9. Automation of operations

In two years, about 35% of large organizations, such as healthcare, logistics and utilities, will be using robots to automate operations.

10. Electronic commerce

In 2018, around 45% of large international e-commerce companies will use robots in their delivery and processing warehousing operations.

So hopefully this gives you a pretty good idea of ​​how robotics will shape the world in a few years.

Source by Satvik Mittal

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