The Future of LCD Technology

In the midst of discussions and debates on the choice of an innovative television in the contemporary market environment, the question arises of the future of existing technologies. The days of CRT are over and the craze is for LCD or plasma technology. Both are sophisticated products that offer high definition television. Each of these elements has many positive factors in the context of consumer satisfaction. Subject matter experts and seasoned viewers are thinking hard about the respective advantages of these two modern television products.

At a time when plasma technology seems to have an advantage over the LCD display, efforts are being made to improve the functionality and performance level of liquid crystal displays. Manufacturers are planning to introduce more sophisticated and user-friendly products in the near future. It is imperative for them to come up with more innovative products in order to survive in a competitive market. Screen size alone cannot make a television acceptable to the consumer. Performance is the key word. Improving the screen resolution is essential. The contrast ratio must also be improved. Even though LCD screens do not suffer from burn-in issues, individual pixels in the LCD screen can burn out and cause black and white dots.

Manufacturers are now undertaking a technological upgrade to effect qualitative changes in new generation LCD displays. Vivid colors and infinite contrast ratio will bring new experience to users. The applications of new technologies are expected to make LCD screens capable of high-end performance in home theater or satellite image reproduction. With 95% uniformity of luminance across the entire screen, the LCD will achieve more perfection than its competition.

Innovative natural light technology is poised to take the LCD screen to new heights. The dynamic contrast ratio will be improved to 50,000: 1. Eye protection and energy conservation are also high on the agenda for future LCD products. Ultra thin screens will be featured with shorter response time and improved color depths. The blur will be completely eliminated. Next-generation LCD screens are also expected to be the thinnest available on the market. The LCD screen is already enjoying the advantage of longevity.

Efforts will be made to further improve the service life. Increased productivity in the manufacturing process will extend other cost benefits to the consumer. With comparatively lower CO2 emissions than plasma, the LCD screen will be more environmentally friendly than its competitor.

In a competitive environment, technological upgrading has become inevitable for the survival of products in the market. LCD screen makers have taken note of the handwriting on the wall and are bracing for the challenges without any wait.

Source by Fredrick Joy

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