The Growing Need for FTO Search and Analysis

In light of the growth of technologies, inventions and the patenting of these inventions in various segments of the industry; Freedom to Operate Analysis (FTO) plays an important role in determining the path to market a product for non-innovative companies.

In this era of globalization, FTO research and analysis is not only a need in the home country, but also in the countries of operation. Huge investments are made in the product development process. Instead of doing FTO research and analysis after product development, it is advisable to do technological landscaping to understand possible areas of technology or product development. This removes the possibility of heavy R&D investments in waste.

The digitization of the patent registration process has made it possible to use data from patent applications to analyze possible infringement. Patent application data from various English speaking nations can be analyzed by a single patent law firm, instead of going to law firms in different countries. In countries where digitization or translation issues are involved, we might use local law firms.

When it comes to major industry segments such as electronics, mechanics, energy, and pharmaceutical and biological technology, there are few persistent areas of technological development. In electronics, it is the growth of technology in areas such as mobile communications, consumer durables such as televisions, computers, air conditioners, music players and industrial electronics that has seen inventions patented. . These technology segments must do FTO analysis to avoid possible counterfeiting. Also, to be on the safe side, it is better to apply for a patent explaining how the invention is different from existing patented technologies to avoid conflicts in the future.

Nuclear power, solar power and wind power are the areas of technological development in which there are patent possibilities in the power and energy industry.

Electric cars, fuel cells, hybrid cars, electric trains, and airplanes are the main focus of manufacturing development.

Therefore, for a company that markets products in these areas, FTO analysis becomes a mandatory step in the product launch process to avoid huge damage after the product is launched in the market.

In the pharmaceutical and biological sciences industry, investments in R&D are directed towards drug inventions for cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, HIV and arthritis. Therefore, companies must be careful not to infringe existing patents in these areas of strong technological development.

It should be borne in mind that in other technological fields where developments are gentle, inventions are not free to launch on the market.

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Source by Akshatha Karthik

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