As Technology Advances, So Too Will Human Weapon Systems

Not too long ago, I gave an interesting interview to a science writer about the new weapon systems on the immediate horizon – especially the kind of weapons we might see in the next 5 years. This is an important question for military planners and defense professionals, even top politicians who must allocate funds to stay ahead of the competition and ahead of any threat. Ok, let’s talk about it, shall we?

Daniel asks; “Based on your expertise and studies, what types of new weapons will we see in the near future?”

Indeed, I see several new weapon systems on the horizon both in the short term and beyond line of sight. Regarding your great question, in 3-5 years, 10 years at most, which is actually a long period of research and development for actual battlespace use until full production, we will see a lot of progress in the field of weapons. technologies.

To briefly state the obvious, we will see a lot of robotics, autonomous solutions, cyber, stealth and artificial intelligence, which means that new iterations or production blocks of current technologies will have a much greater capacity, can – be to the point that even though these defense systems may look old – same base airframe, ammo size, or outer structure – they will show up in performances as game changers. Examples can be steerable ammo, bullets, or the MAV (micro aerial vehicle) flight, hovering, stealth, stray hand grenades and cyber warfare, for example.

One of the big advancements that we are seeing right now, which is why the guaranteed short-term trends are mini-drone defense systems to detect and eliminate threats. These little drones are used by our enemies, the terrorists, and are seen as invaluable tools by anyone considering asymmetric strategies, and now and in the near future that includes all sides of the game, with First Nations fighting fire. by fire. and the guerrilla or terrorist element. Two can play this game, and both sides are and will continue to be as these technologies advance rapidly.

Everyone has drones now, even terrorists. In a recent case, Hezbollah flew a small quad-drone over Israel, and the Israelis shot it down with a Patriot missile – consider that for a minute, shooting down a small toy drone that we could buy from Wal-Mart for $ 500. – 600 with a missile costing almost a million dollars. The hit-to-kill cost ratio tells us that such methods are not viable. So we will soon see small anti-laser drone cannons taking down small drones. In fact, we are going to see a lot of very cool high tech weapons in the near future. Please consider all of this – Don’t hesitate, be awesome.

Source by Lance Winslow

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