The Aztecs Worshipped the Sun For a Reason You Know?

The once great Aztec Empire completely controlled and dominated what are now Honduras, San Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico for centuries. They were sun worshipers. The Aztec God was in the form of energy and that energy was the sun. What did the Aztecs know that we don’t know?

They worshiped the Sun and believed and its gods in the form of pure energy, but 500 years later in the United States of America, next to where the Aztec empire was ruled in Mesoamerica, we have forgot everything they had learned. Instead of using the Sun for our energy, we have a set of giant power plants, which have indeed served us well, but now we are finding that they often emit too many hydrofloral carbon HFCs.

Maybe we should take a little advice from the Aztecs and develop more solar power to help offset the needs of our civilization. The United States of America is the world leader in energy research and development and our Department of Energy, with its enormous financial resources, helps us stay on the cutting edge of the latest technologies.

Today, the cost of building solar cells has decreased by using new high-tech materials, it is incumbent upon us to make solar power work in our homes, small businesses, and government agencies. Maybe we should use the technology and knowledge of the past and the promising technologies of the future in the present period. The Aztecs would have loved the idea of ​​solar cells and we should. Consider this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow

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