Significance of SAP HANA in the Digital World

The possibility of digital technology in every way has made today’s world more resplendent and creative. The evolution of future systems and technologies is proportional to the improvisations of the digital world and its database. Reducing the time required to convert the prototype into a complete product, standardize the components used and implement portability were the key factors that constitute an improvement in the digital world. For example, the above factors have influenced the constant double-digit growth of the mobile industry.

An improvised digital world

The digital world is shrouded in huge databases, high-end interfaces and applications. Despite being advanced, it is complicated to maintain such globalized technology. Improvements in the digital world depend on improvements in the processing capacity and architecture of its database and interfaces. Like any other technology, speed and portability were the key factors for a technology to leap to success. Today’s world demands these features in every product in the computer industry.

Recently, the DSAG (German-Speaking SAP User Group, Germean User Group) conference on the latest scientific and technological advancements paid special attention to SAP HANA, cloud computing and analytics. Experts around the world have estimated the current impact and contribution of SAP HANA to future developments in the IT industry.


By implementing artificial intelligence and improvising the processing architecture, SAP HANA has taken the database management industry to the next level. The ability to perform complex data processes such as real-time analysis and applications are the main reasons why this system is emerging as a successful database management system.


This DBMS is capable of efficiently analyzing data stored in the environment in real time and helps to draw conclusions from analyzes and decisions in real time. It can analyze huge databases from multiple data with excellent flow and precision.

Business applications

SAP HANA provides an excellent foundation for developers when building various business applications. It can speed up the computational speed of applications by eliminating or reducing unnecessary processing layers detected from real-time scans. It is also application security by increasing and reducing security constraints based on real-time analyzes.

Application for SAP HANA professionals

It is inevitable to witness the demand for professionals competent in the management of this database. While the number of professionals is comparatively very low to meet the demand. Being in a demanding profession, professionals in this field are paid on average between $ 51,994 and $ 145,093 as a salary.

SAP HANA training and certifications

Almost all of the world famous educational organizations have started offering exclusive training programs on SAP HANA. Most of the world’s largest IT companies have started recruiting professionals with these skills to meet their future demand.

Source by Satish A S Kumar

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