The Future of Mind Control and Religious Brain Chips Considered

Not long ago an acquaintance asked a rather dubious question; “What if a fundamentally religious regime decides to put in a brain chip to obey a certain religion?” It is interesting to note that a similar question was asked in an article in the World Futurist Society magazine in 2010, and in another article in 2012. This is not a new thought, but it is a question for you. which it is absolutely necessary to think about. Why do you ask?

It’s simple, because technology can be used for good things and not for great things. What is good? If you believe in your religion and are a strong follower, you might not have any problem with this, as you are helping people reach their full potential and helping them to be good – maybe bringing them to heaven for example. . However, you also change their brains, and then in doing so, you change the person and change their perception of free will – is that right I ask?

Yes, sci-fi writers talk about things like that all the time, it’s really nothing new, and Arthur C Clarke discussed something similar with the brain caps people wore in his famous work. ” 3001 “. What if the future of brainchips and computer / mind interfaces for online social media becomes the future of mind control? That’s a relevant question, and maybe something we need to discuss about it was going to talk about future technologies, I’m sure you will agree.

Of course, and we can see the result in Gattica, 1984, and other famous works and what about the Borg? Just as mass media is misused, noted Marshall McLuhan, television is a mass mind manipulator, advertisers immediately began to use “subliminal advertising”, branding and propaganda, the use of l education for indoctrination and let’s not even focus on the millennium of religious rule of the Catholic Church (impressive) or those giant billboards of political leadership and brainwashing of people in so many parts of the world.

Imagine a brain chip to help control the masses for whatever reason it would shame the most popular books of all time and beat anything a TV or social media site could hope for. It’s not that all of these things aren’t going well in the current period, but it’s just a few more generations of these technologies and it’s a whole new ball game indeed.

The Obama campaign has been a brilliant use of “branding” and public relations, and China and so many other countries use censorship quite well, unfortunately it’s mostly US-based technology. United. “What if a regime judged certain activities to be immoral, and thus prevented the individual from free will and shut down his brain on the spot,” was another question that my acquaintance had asked me. This is a very good point. Of course mind control will be used in this way – but as a freedom lover, this mind control scenario to limit human choice is pretty awkward for me (it’s the least of it). ‘you could say).

Now, since this is a potential possibility, and could become a serious problem in the future, I would really like you to consider all of this and think about it. There may be reasons to have mind-controlled devices to help with serious challenges or criminal activity, but I think you will agree that its use for indoctrination and religious control goes way beyond of what anyone could legitimately consider to be a good thing.

Source by Lance Winslow

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