The Unnoticed Importance Of The Spark Plug’s Heat Range And It’s Impact In The Environment

In recent years, mankind has become aware of the great dangers that emissions, which due to development and modernity are increasingly released into the environment, represent in the future. These emissions come from factories, machines and vehicles, as well as various products for industrial and domestic use.

This generated a real conceptual revolution that moved academics from all disciplines related to production, technology development and the creation of laws to create entities to protect the environment and regulate industrial and commercial activities, producing more than a headache for companies – in particular manufacturers – which find themselves in the urgent need of finding solutions through processes that do not affect the environment.

The devastating effects on the life of beings and the conditions of their environment are so great, that if they do not rush to modify the toxic mechanisms and technologies, we could go to the edge of the abyss, which we would not have. the way out unscathed. We would then condemn future generations to a dark and inhospitable world, in which scarcity of food and lack of health would be the norm.

Faced with this reality, it is foreseeable that many economic activities will change urgently, generating new and variable models, as well as transformations so radical that perhaps some products and processes will disappear, as they are known today.

Governments of all nations of the world are also faced with the urgent need to develop the best and most effective development programs for new technologies that can enable them to mitigate the potential risk of this pollution, more on the net costs than the practice of these measures can represent. Many of the important efforts could remain intentions if they do not quickly find the best mechanisms of action to make those efforts a reality.

How to reduce emissions is the general concern.

Experts from different disciplines, politicians of all ideologies, technicians and the media press, speak with intensity of the urgent need to do something of immediate application and of great efficiency to mitigate the disastrous effects of the contamination. .

Well done! For humanity it is very good that this intention is sincere and that these speeches motivate those who are directly and indirectly involved in these aspects to immediately put themselves into action.

Knowing by all that the main generator of contamination is the automobile population, that is to say the direct responsible for the generation of 80% of the pollutants that destroy our planet and life as we know it, there are tireless efforts ; more advanced than others, to find the fuels and the cleanest technologies for future vehicles.

This is all very good and definitely deserves applause, nevertheless, from now on until such innovations can be ready to be marketed, it must even pass a long time.

And from there until when all mankind can have replaced their current vehicles by which today are in the process of investigation and development; no doubt will have to spend a few generations.

Meanwhile, every day, every single owner and operator of internal combustion engine vehicles, dangerously contaminates our planet, destroying the delicate and fragile environment with every mile we travel and with every gallon of fuel we use. It is therefore clear that it is imperative to control as soon as possible the emissions of polluting gases from vehicles currently circulating on Earth. It is only through this that we will really do something effective that will allow us to inherit a healthy and livable planet from our descendants.

Is it just a dream? Is it something almost impossible to achieve?

Believe it or not, it is not only possible, but also immediate, cheap and easy to access.

All that is required is to customize the selection of the spark plug heat range to be installed in any gasoline vehicle anywhere in the world.

Let me explain why.

While chatting with automotive experts, each of them talks about the emissions generated by automobiles that weren’t properly tuned and had the wrong mixture of air and gas, either too rich or too lean.

But no one thought that even with the right mixture, vehicles could increase their emissions dangerously, if they had spark plugs with a heat range that is not best suited to individual driving habits and / or. to engine conditions. Spark plugs colder or hotter than necessary, depending on different load conditions, gasoline qualities, engine maintenance, engine requirements.

And this happens because hardly anyone knows the great power of the spark plug’s heat range and the critical role it plays in the combustion process inside the combustion chamber.

What happens with spark plugs that were cooler or hotter than necessary in real life is as follows:

If a spark plug is cooler than necessary, the temperature of the combustion chamber decreases (similar effect to an overly rich mixture) and the drop in temperature results in emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) and unburned hydrocarbons ( HC) increase dangerously, polluting the environment.

If the spark plug is hotter than necessary, the temperature of the combustion chamber increases (effect similar to a too lean mixture) and this temperature increase, results in emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) are also increasing dangerously, polluting the environment.

Let me tell you that only by correcting the choice of thermal range of spark plugs to be replaced on any American vehicle, the reduction in emissions in the United States that could be achieved can be estimated by:

2,617,229 tonnes of CO

713,808 tonnes of HC

520.103 tonnes of NOx

How do you know what exactly the thermal range of spark plugs everyone needs?

It’s almost a blind guess. Spark plug catalogs are not the best guide as it only contains the suggestion of the original spark plug and is only suitable for any vehicle at the time of manufacture. The real life of any vehicle demands customization which is not included in the information contained in these catalogs.

The selection of the coldest or hottest spark plugs necessary to perfectly match the incomparable and unique blend of driving habits, lifestyles and maintenance conditions and demands of each engine n is no easy task. It’s not as simple as changing one or two heat range codes. Plus, more often than you might think it is necessary to change many more than 10 codes before you find the spark plug that exactly matches the needs of each particular person. Trying to find the spark plug with the perfect heat range for each situation can be endless, boring, expensive, and very risky as a mistake in the selection can endanger the engine.

Fortunately, in recent times the ultimate tuning device has come onto the market. The only one on the planet to precisely select the spark plug heat range every driver needs. It’s time to have yours. This new product has been recognized by Cal EPA / ARB.

Could you ever have imagined that the seemingly humble spark plug could have been so powerful and precious?

Source by Elena Maria Db Orsos

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