Future of Android Development

Android is one of the major mobile operating systems available today. It has more than 80% of the market share. The main reason for this is that it is device independent. This means that it does not work with any proprietary hardware. It can be installed on devices of different brands and models. It also poses a big challenge for Android developers. They should keep in mind all devices and their features in order to make their apps compatible with those devices. The mobile market is also volatile. New devices are released every year and some devices are outdated and no longer supported. This makes it even more difficult for developers to keep up with these trends.

One can’t help but imagine the future of Android development and the challenges it will pose. Will developers be able to meet all these challenges? Let’s take a look at all the Android developer features that best equip developers for the future!

  • As reported by Google, the entire Android ecosystem has undergone a big change with the introduction of Lollipop. They also introduced portable devices with this operating system as a base. New software was introduced, such as Android Studio, which significantly improved the way people worked compared to the traditional IDE – Eclipse.
  • Google has also introduced project automation tools for Android developers. It greatly helps developers to divide their apps into different flavors and assign the correct configuration settings as well as its execution speed.
  • The material design is becoming very popular and with Lollipop this design has also been included in the user interface design of this operating system. It completely redefines the user experience. Motion really gives meaning as stated by Google, and they have added life to their apps with this new design concept.
  • The introduction of smartwatches makes it all the more imperative for Android development professionals to boost their skills to include them in their programming skills. The future of mobiles will definitely be portable devices. Soon we will see other devices connected to mobiles such as television, refrigerator and washing machines. Android has already been tried and tested on such applications and is ready for use with new technological devices!
  • The flexibility and scalability as well as the wide range of compatibility that Android offers will always remain its bright spots and open new doors for developers as technology introduces new ways of working with smart devices and devices of all kinds. With the concept of the Internet of Things becoming more and more popular, Android is broadly ready to handle what future technology has in store for us.

History shows that Android has come a long way and introduced new changes and made itself more and more attractive to customers. It has also opened up many new opportunities for developers. Android development definitely has a bright future and has all the means to support upcoming and emerging tech trends.

Source by Ronak B

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