Go Climb a Rock – With the Next Age of Climbing Technology

Perhaps you have seen this famous quote; “go climb a rock.” In some ways it is used in a derogatory way as in; “go play kite.” But, if you are a rock climber, you probably have a t-shirt that says so and you wear it proudly. Other people might not understand the meaning, because they have never climbed a rock, or realized the rush that one gets along the way, and after reaching the top. Specifically, I would now like to discuss it and introduce you to potential new materials and technologies to help you in your climbing.

Indeed, I’m not sure you’ve seen some of the new technology introduced by college graduate students, allowing people to use gecko-type gloves and shoes to help with climbing, but this technology progressing well, with technical materials to make all climbing gear super light. You will be able to carry more rope and equipment with you. This means that you can climb more safely because you can carry more equipment without spending more energy to maintain your performance and agility.

Right now, gecko gloves and shoes aren’t quite here yet, but the technology is advancing and climbing to the next level. Soon it will all be miniaturized, and it will add safety and help a climber to hold onto it. How could this work, you ask? Well when you reach your gecko you will place the glove flat on the rock and squeeze the inside of the glove which will become your grip. When you’re ready to move forward again, you peel the glove off the handle, allowing it to unhook, for the next move.

The soles of your climbing shoes will be similar and much wider than what you are used to. During this time, your shoes will be pointy so that you can get them stuck in the cracks, allowing you to peel off shoes with sticky soles and the pointy end that you engaged in the rocks.

The new strings will likely be carbon fiber, but super flexible, and no worries, as they will be stronger than steel, and extremely light and easy to use. The flexibility will offer a rubber band like pole vault-like characteristics allowing new maneuvers to be made. The future of rock climbing and all these great technologies will be here in the next 10 to 20 years. So even as you get older and worry about your future body strength, these new materials and technologies could make a difference.

You might be able to climb vertical rocks until you hit the 80s and 90s. Wouldn’t that be cool? Think about all the experience you will have by then. Please consider all of this and think about it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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