The Eco-Futurist Version of Back to the Future

It all depends on what’s possible

When I was invited to the presentation of the eco-futuristic Guy Dauncey book on “Journey to the Future” at his place, the timing was fantastic. As someone who likes to share great ideas, I just had to present them in all their simplicity in the hope that people could seriously begin to “get it”.

In this ultimate eco-friendly future, we get a glimpse of an alternate reality that is already in the making for visionaries who know the word ‘possible’. Imagine Vancouver, BC.

I love the shine and even have a few of my own, but here Guy encapsulates and incorporates working models from around the world with his own eco-craftsmanship, and lets his imagination work to process a pictorial tale. that everyone can relate to.

Dynamic change without shock

The changes that need to happen are not a shock to the system – far from it. These are simple changes in the way we think that we make for ourselves rather than those that our government is forcing on us; our own choice to free ourselves from the stressful lifestyle that is sure to get worse if we continue in the same way.

Some solutions have a family element in that communities of people are more vibrant due to the reduced sense of loneliness resulting from high civic camaraderie. Some are sheer unbridled earthy creations with lush foliage woven into the architectural design of buildings, streets and cement walls – bringing us closer to the restorative powers of nature.

It’s no surprise that the sun plays a big role in our near-realistic future, and with so many ways to harness this immense power, we’ll be paying pennies per kilowatt. This only makes sense because the sun is freely releasing energy without the need for dams or generators – we have the technology and we need to expand our use of it.

Clear direction without compromise

Coming home from the presentation of her book, I felt an atmosphere of anticipation that I hadn’t remembered since leaving home and stepping out into the world alone; a teenager with a mind full of excited wonder to be in a big and beautiful world. The only difference now is increased vigilance to block the psychopolitical dangers that would suck life out of this big beautiful world, with me inside … and I’m not alone in my perspective.

It has been very clear in recent years that many minds are moving towards this self-organized way of thinking that allows us to come together on our own initiative into a unified understanding of our need for a healthy planet. It is as if the Earth itself is using its magnetism to make us feel connected to it again and the cosmos sending thoughts rich in ripe solutions to those who are open enough to listen.

Source by Diane Babcock

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