Wireless Technology Advancement in ERP Software

Enterprise resource planning or ERP is taking place these days. It is now an integral part of almost every business. So, like wireless technology, its effectiveness has been proven beyond doubt. Advances in wireless technology in ERP have given a double advantage to companies that have been using ERP for a long time. As wireless technology has its reach beyond any geographic location, its communication and data transfer process is much faster. It has therefore become the pleasure of the eyes of any organization.

Today, all offices use WIFI connections without the hassle of wired connections, which has proven to be a boon for ERP users. As in any manufacturing business where the head office is located in a different location while the warehouse, sales office and manufacturing unit are located in different locations. They are now always connected via WIFI and can keep all the information up to date on the stocks, the process of sale of delivery of the products, the schedules of the workers and also the profit margin. Previously, they all had to keep stacks of files and hire more people to maintain those files. But now they are saved from these tortures. Now only a laptop is all they need with super fast data communication process and they are sorted for every problem.

With the advancement of wireless technology in ERP, company policies and sales volume have increased. Now the sales team can collect all the data, all the information about their goal, all the numbers and figures are now always with them thanks to the super fast data transfer and they can make any crucial decision at all moment simply by getting the right facts and figures. in order. Increasing the sales target or widening the profit margin can be easily calculated and therefore can make a difference to the sales force. All distribution companies can also maintain e-commerce function with wireless technology and that too for 24X7.

Maintaining the customers which are the key aspect of any business has now become much easier than before. It’s just a matter of the click of a mouse. When it is necessary to contact a customer for better business, how far away they are, but they are always close at hand through emails, chats and video conferences. And from the customers’ point of view, self-service systems make them more comfortable for any service or complaint or suggestion, without wasting front office time for the same. It can save a day for a better job in a productive way.

Nowadays, all the big companies have a global head office and the commercial sites are in different places.

So whenever there is a major decision making problem like income generation, or it might be supply or product manufacturing issues or machinery issues, they can take it. with all the relevant data at their disposal with all the updated information no matter where they are located. Wireless technology has crossed all geographic barriers.

But there is a flip side to the story. Like all other technologies, wireless technology is also at risk of piracy. As this is a very competitive world, it became almost impossible to avoid hacking when the actual data was released.

But research is underway to make the system more secure and more private, alternative measures of data transfer and communication should be considered. But despite these threats, wireless technology advancements in ERP have taken a huge leap forward in business processes.

Source by Nick Mutt

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