Electric and Hybrid Cars

Modern technologies have prompted automotive innovations to adapt to changing interests and needs of people. Originally the cars were gasoline, then later manufacturers came to electric and hybrid cars.

Electric cars run on batteries. These batteries are assembled into rechargeable or disposable battery packs. Sometimes most of the buyers prefer the disposables because of the long recharging. An electric car is fun to drive because it is quiet. It’s fun too because it has two speeds: on and off, it can accelerate immediately from a dead stop. It is also easy to maintain and maintain and overall less expensive. However, the return to electric cars is that they are too quiet, which can be dangerous for pedestrians and other vehicles on the road.

A hybrid car, on the other hand, combines gas and electricity. It is powered alternately by a gasoline engine and an electric motor. It consumes less fuel than gasoline cars and the batteries are recharged automatically. The gasoline engine is also energy efficient as it turns off when the car is not moving and when it is running, the energy returns immediately. The structure of the hybrid is also different from that of the ordinary car. It is made of aluminum and plastic and is lightweight in design to allow it to be powered by smaller and lighter gasoline engines.

While electric and hybrid cars are environmentally friendly and economical, the hybrid is much better than the pure electric car. Unlike the electric car, it has batteries which have a self-recharging capacity. They don’t need an external source or be plugged into an outlet to charge. The choices depend on the preferences and goals of the buyer.

It is quite astonishing to think that even though technology brings some drawbacks to humans like becoming less industrious and impersonalized, it has also brought us a lot of beneficial things and continues to support us in our daily needs. More and more discoveries and inventions, year after year, prove that people are undoubtedly skillful, talented and wonderful. They can also turn this world into a better place.

Source by Eddie Tobey

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