Enhance Your Business By Integrating WordPress With SugarCRM

Think about your business powered by CRM technology, designed to be efficient and easy to use. Industry-specific features and an interactive interface deliver new solutions that inspire your business to innovate and stay competitive. Customer relationship management software applies to the system by which businesses market, sell and provide services to customers. CRM should provide customization that meets the needs of the business, whether it’s a small, medium, or large business.

“CustomerPortalPro” is such a platform that allows organizations to quickly and easily create a dedicated SugarCRM customer portal that they can access from their WordPress interface, a more secure and efficient way to consume information and interact with processes, applications and other users to meet the requirements of specific industry sectors.

This plugin will help your customers to use multiple Sugar modules in their WP interface, which you can define from your front admin. It can integrate modules like accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, calls, meetings, notes, cases, documents, tasks, etc. to your WP client interface for their use.

This will simplify and reduce your task of communicating with your customers by any other means. Your customers could update all of the above modules by themselves.

Basic Benefits

  • You can decide which module access should be provided to all customers on the Sugar side.
  • Customers can access the plugin via a username and password.
  • In the Edit and Contact Details layout, you can define which fields your end customers can view and use
  • To avoid duplicate data entry, email ID, username, and passwords are required, and emails and passwords must be unique.
  • You can assign roles to a specific user
  • The affected user must be configured in the WP configuration.
  • Modules assigned to a specific role will be displayed in the portal based on roles.

Industry specific advantage

Enable organizations of any size to capture customer information and analyze data to achieve excellent quality and ultimate customer satisfaction. Solutions should be such that they can be precisely tailored to meet exact needs and be highly scalable so that they can be scaled up as your business grows. Successfully building brand loyalty and nurturing lasting relationships with customers is important in attracting and retaining customers in the face of increasing competition.

Self-service is the key to attracting consumers today, and CRM-integrated sites are now an integral part of how users interact with the companies they do business with. These can be employees, customers or partners who wish to interact with the organization from anywhere in the world at any time. A portal like this provides a convenient way to post service issues and keeps you open for business around the world. 24/7 service will allow you to deliver a high quality customer experience.

Source by Maulik D Shah

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