How Generation Z Can Contribute to the New Workplace

By most accounts, Generation Z is made up of young adults born between 1998 and 2010. As a result, the older segment of this generation is already approaching 21 years of age and preparing to enter the workforce.

There are several traits of Gen Z that allow them to fit well into the new workplace.

1. Entrepreneurship

According to the Harvard Business Review, nearly 70% of Generation Z were “freelancers” compared to just 12% who worked in traditional jobs such as waiting tables. This is in stark contrast to previous generations, who took on traditional jobs such as cashier to earn money in their late teens.

The reasons for this contrast are manifold, ranging from time conflicts to competition with older workers. However, it is also likely that Gen Z would rather simply be self-employed than in traditional jobs.

Being self-employed, like selling on e-Bay, allows for more flexible working hours and even higher income if the business is successful. In addition, having good entrepreneurial skills makes it easier for this generation of individuals to earn their income even in a bad economy.

The ability to turn coveted skills into earning power will also come in handy for Gen Z as they enter the workforce. Since innovation is necessary for a business to be successful, Gen Z people who have experience starting their own businesses can help bring creative ideas to a business to accelerate its performance.

2. Strong technology

A year ago, a group of Temasek Polytechnic students created electronic parking coupons as part of their final year project, with the goal of preventing drivers from having to use paper parking coupons.

It is a fact that Generation Z is generally more familiar with the technology than previous generations.

It also means that they can be an asset to the new workplace, where technology is now an integral part of businesses. Employees are now required to code, program, design and fully understand how technologies evolve.

In healthcare, mobile hardware and applications are transforming clinical care. Other industries such as agriculture are also increasingly reliant on technology, with drones and big data revolutionizing the way food is grown.

3. Concerned about personal online reputation

Unlike millennials, millennials are more aware of their reputation online. This is because this generation was familiar with social networking sites from a young age.

They are also unlikely to broadcast every aspect of their life on social media. Instead, they selectively organize what they want to share and choose who they share it with.

While it is true that Gen Z has many social and digital perspectives to offer their employers in the future, they also care about face-to-face interactions and community building.

It is also good to note that this generation is used to online shopping, where online word of mouth is very important.

Therefore, Gen Z’s ability to maintain a good online reputation, as well as browse the Internet, implies that it can help improve and protect a company’s online brand reputation.

Source by Amanda Ong

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