Is Technology Changing Our Brain Formatting – Should We Change Our Educational System To Match?

Not long ago, I was discussing with our think tank some of the challenges of all this new technology and all the information known to mankind literally in the palm of every student lucky enough to have a parent who took them. bought a smartphone. When they hold all this knowledge in their hands – it’s no wonder they feel like it’s wasted effort to memorize anything – “why bother, I can just search!” Well, they’re right, even though we know there are things they need to know (memorize) and think about in order to survive in this world. Let’s talk.

Yes, the digitalization of the world creates a different reality, a reality that our brains and bodies haven’t necessarily evolved into, so human-centered technology is key, and we need it before we go too far. . On the plus side, and this is a big PLUS, we open our horizons when we become digitally connected in such abundance. And it’s not the technology that’s the problem alone, it’s the way it’s used. This is the real digital divide. One person can use the technology to send photos of “cats” to friends on Facebook, another can use it to collaborate with canine researchers around the world to save big cats from extinction. Now, the latter is much better of course, but you have to leave the freedom to choose how you want to use the technological gift in front of them, right?

I read an interesting article the other day; “We were promised flying cars, all we got was 140 characters” meaning Twitter is worth $ 10 billion and for around $ 500 million we could have successfully perfected personal flying machines VTOL . Humans vote with their dollars, the average person wanted to have fun with distracting texting and self-validation because they were missing something in their life, now they want more, why? Because they are so busy using technology that they feel even more empty inside – but then again their addiction to these technologies was a choice, who are we to discuss their freedom to choose? Hard to say, but yes I tend to agree with you. Personally, I am not on Facebook and I do not own a smartphone for the very reasons that most technologists have considered, but cannot do without.

How we teach our kids amidst all of this social media, information and technology will determine how they use it in the future. All of our human civilization is at stake and God forbid if all this technology should stop working one day?

Source by Lance Winslow

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