Top 5 Qualities of a Good WordPress Developer

How to identify the best WordPress developer from a pool of programmers? A dedicated WordPress developer is able to push boundaries, go beyond the basics, and bring innovations to their assigned project. Professional WordPress developers are always busy researching more about the latest trends and technologies to stay ahead of their peers.

Here are the 5 best qualities of an effective WordPress developer:

  1. Technical skill set

A good WordPress developer will have a good knowledge of different technologies and be able to create a masterpiece. An ideal WordPress developer should have a good knowledge of PHP, MySQL, the code base on Trac and Xref and should be able to set up a local development environment and run nightly build. They need to be well versed with WordPress technicalities like core, plugins as well as different themes to be able to build a website which would help you stay ahead of the competition.

  1. The state of mind of the learner

WordPress versions are progressing steadily, as is the environment. A good developer should keep up with the latest trends in design, technology, and security to create stable and modern websites. An outdated look or a buggy portal will tarnish your branding. A stagnant developer will result in stagnant profits for your business and your image too.

  1. Attention and personal motivation

WordPress professionals must constantly push their skills and get a fair idea of ​​almost every aspect of this platform. WordPress offers a wide range of options such as plugins, themes, frontend design, and ecommerce. Therefore, a developer should have practical and specialist knowledge to determine what would work best for a project. A motivated developer will make sure their work stands out in the crowd and doesn’t just do numbers.

  1. Strong planning skills

A brilliant developer would be able to solve the chaos and do something from scratch. However, lack of planning can become a serious problem – a program without direction can lead to delays in project delivery and wasted time and energy. An effective programmer will have a schedule in place and set goals – big and small. They will break down tasks, create and meet deadlines.

  1. Test and receive feedback

Thoroughly testing everything that is sent is an important skill for any WordPress developer. They need to make sure that the codes they write work on different browsers and operating systems. Each theme and plugin should be tested on different browsers to avoid last minute hassles. Asking for feedback is a good way to find out if what you’ve created makes sense and reacting positively to feedback shows maturity and dedication to its creation. Your project is in good hands if you manage to hire a developer with these skills.

WordPress is a constantly evolving platform. The core team is always on their toes, trying new things and trying to improve existing features.

Source by Terence Lewis

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