What Are the Benefits of SureClear Aligners and SureSmile Technology?

You found out that you were wearing braces. While you are delighted to finally have a beautiful straight smile, you also dread the pain and discomfort and the constant visits to the orthodontist. There are also the few years when you will have to watch what you eat and the more tedious cleaning of your teeth with the braces.

The first step with traditional braces is to obtain a mold of your teeth so that the orthodontist can have a starting point and come up with a targeted treatment plan. The mold used can be messy and uncomfortable for patients with poor gag reflexes. They are also not as precise as they only allow the orthodontist to see the current placement and alignment of the patient’s teeth.

Once the plan is developed, the braces are applied. Each month, the patient must come to have the wires tightened and adjusted to ensure a gradual and correct movement of the teeth towards the final goal of the treatment. Many patients find this constant adjustment of the threads inconvenient and somewhat painful.

What are SureClear Aligners and SureSmile Technology?

Orthotics have gotten better over the years with improved technology such as SureSmile. SureSmile treatment involves a 3D computer model of a patient’s bite with the use of 3D images taken from an OraScanner or Cone Beam Computed Tomography your occlusion using advanced imaging technology to scan your teeth. With these images, the orthodontist can see the patient’s teeth and bite down from any angle without using messy molds.

With the same SureSmile technology, the orthodontist can perform and visualize various simulations of treatment results. With a real picture of the desired treatment results, he or she can then come up with a more effective treatment plan.

SureClear aligners are used with braces using SureSmile technology. These transparent aligners are custom made to suit a patient’s specific treatment plan.

Benefits of SureSmile and SureClear

“These sound great, but what benefits do they provide?” You can ask.

The technology was created to provide patients who need braces with a better orthodontic experience. The benefits they provide include:

Less time in braces. SureClear aligners combined with the precision of SureSmile technology ensure precise, efficient and effective treatment that traditional orthotics cannot provide. As a result, the time spent in braces is shortened, on average by 25%.

Less discomfort. Patients who use SureSmile and SureClear technologies in their treatment experience less pain and discomfort as the wires in their braces are automatically moved with progressive force more frequently.

Less frequent office visits. With SureClear aligners and SureSmile technology, a patient’s pin wires self-adjust so monthly visits to the orthodontic office are not necessary.

Are SureClear aligners right for me?

SureClear aligners and SureSmile technology are an excellent orthodontic treatment option for a majority of patients. These two technologies are the best option for patients requiring moderate orthodontic work.

Those who need extensive orthodontic work would be better suited to bond with traditional braces. Patients with minor tooth alignment and bite problems can be treated with Invisalign Clear Braces.

Before deciding to continue SureClear aligners and SureSmile technology, you should schedule a consultation with your orthodontist. He or she can educate you on the best treatment plan and the best option for your orthodontic needs.

Source by Anna Bird

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