Liferay Portal Development and CMS Are Suitable For Every Size Company

The development and themes of the Liferay portal can benefit small, medium and large companies. With the right developer, even the smallest business can build a compelling and easy-to-use CMS, Self-Service Employee Portal (ESS), or other corporate intranet or website. Liferay portlet development tools are flexible and robust and can satisfy a full range of portal configurations and implementations, from the simplest CMS sites to the most complex business requirements for content management systems, document management , the portal or the web or intranet application.

The rich collaboration features of this technology include web publishing, content management, collaboration, and social media, and offer practical and functional tools innovatively designed to address technical and usability concerns. The Liferay portal development tool suite supports easy and affordable enterprise application integration, so the enterprise can integrate legacy system data, human resources, accounting, CRM, ERP or sales information or other critical data sources. The framework and platform integrate the open source technologies of many popular toolsets, suites and languages, and provide a rich environment in which the company and an expert developer can work to build a website, CMS system or another flexible and compelling corporate site.

Experienced developers can take advantage of Liferay themes to quickly design and develop a new site and support your workflow, products, market presence, and sales channels. Consider all the ways your business can expand its web presence, improve collaboration and team activities, and increase market presence. The framework is useful in the design and development of various websites, portals (listed below).

  1. Professional, community, organizational or associative portals

  2. Small business websites for auto mechanics, landscapers, dry cleaners, coffee shops and more

  3. Mid-sized business sites for computer consulting companies, discount furniture stores, regional hardware chains, car dealerships, community colleges

  4. Large corporate sites for selling products and services, selling and licensing software, retail chains, grocery stores and more, medical centers

  5. CMS sites to manage projects, content, file taxonomy, teams, schedules, time, invoicing and inventory

  6. News, media, events, ticketing, travel and other sites

  7. Liferay e-commerce portals, shopping carts, product galleries, shipping and more

Here are some of the opportunities that your business can take advantage of with the development of the Liferay portal with the help of an experienced developer. Skilled developers understand the tools and features of the framework and can use these tools and techniques to meet your mobile access, technical and usability requirements and enterprise application integration requirements to provide accurate and up-to-date content to users and customers. This makes the framework flexible and useful for businesses of all sizes, from large and medium to small store owners.

Source by Kartik V. Patel

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