Do You Know the Ready to Assemble Cabinet Details?

Available in both above and below counter versions, RTA cabinets help save money. You could spend double the amount on made-to-order cabinets. Understand the brands, construction, wood quality and finish before purchasing imported products.

Pay attention to these factors in imported RTA cabinets.

• Aim for pleasing colors and finishes.

• Hand finishing lasts longer than spraying.

• It is best to avoid cam locks and dado assemblies.

• Easy replacement of components by local manufacturers.

• Check the quality and ask about the breakage.

Some buying advice

Regarding the material, make sure that the skates are of good quality and close smoothly. Does it have self-closing hinges? Find out about replacements and damage and how long it would take to receive new parts. Cabinets made in the USA would be better and more practical. If it is a shelving unit, you do not need to replace the entire cabinet. Finishing material made in America would be the best because the imported materials have bad coating. Hand wiped coating is better with richer depth and more expensive due to labor and materials.

Some imported RTAs offer an authentic dado assembly with fasteners and glues that can be screwed or nailed. What happens over time is that the expansion and contraction of the wood occurs and the displacement begins and the peeling as well. An American manufacturer offers dovetail technology, which means that it cannot break after assembly.

Examine the drawers and doors. Think of your preferences as a full overlay or a recessed door. Do you have a particular color in mind? Maybe you can buy an unfinished part if you want to apply the finish? Chinese imports do not allow all this flexibility and domestic products could be better.

Would you buy Chinese ACRs?

Why not go Chinese with affordable prices and pretty good standards? Buying home takes the hassle out of getting spare parts. Still, many manufacturers in China are doing quite well and their products are definitely worth buying. If you are a savvy buyer, you know the advantages and problems of imported RTAs. Buy accordingly with understanding. Prepare for surprisingly low prices, straight from the factory.


Chinese cupboards are made of all plywood and it is inexpensive. The design is easy to assemble. Avoid relying solely on cam locks and use glue for extra strength. The 6-8 door style and various finishes commonly available are inexpensive. Mix and match will not be possible. Limited choices are available regarding door styles in terms of colors and no glass doors are found. The common wood is Russian birch. Buy with Confidence.

Source by Paul Toomey

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