Sony Playstation 3 Accessories

If you are a video game freak and crave action, speed and fun through video games, you must be familiar with Sony PlayStation 3 games. PlayStation 3 games have made their own niche in the world. video games with games like “211”, “FIFA 08”, “FIA World Touring Car Championship”, “Tekken 6”, “NASCAR 08” on its sleeves.

There are two things that make these games the most sought after, one is their modified and advanced features, the graphics; and the other is state of the art accessories. While the Playstation3 video features are as good as anything; accessories are the real winner. The high dimensional features and fashionable designs of Sony PlayStation 3 accessories give other accessories a run for their money. Do you want to know more about some of these accessories? Read on.

SIXAXIS is a “boomerang” or “banana” shaped controller. The name “Sixaxis” comes from the controller’s ability to orient movement along 3-D axes. It is wireless and works with Bluetooth; However, it can also be used with a jumper wire via a connected USB mini-B. Wired operation is particularly useful for charging the controller battery internally. Made of translucent plastic, the Sixaxis controller has the advanced features of the PS 2 club’s Dualshock 2. The vibration mode of the Dualshock 2 has been removed and the motion-sensitive property of Sixaxis has come into play. However, the controller with the mode vibration present was also introduced later.

The PS 2 EyeToy is updated for PlayStation Eye for PS 3, which includes a microphone and a camera.

The PS 3 uses wireless Bluetooth technology and supports all kinds of microphones.

The BD high-density optical disc formatted remote control is also supported by Bluetooth technology. Unlike most infrared controllers, the BD remote control operates over radio waves and does not need to be pointed at the console each time to transmit the signal.

One of the best accessories that PS 3 provides is the memory card adapter. It allows users to transfer the saved data and memory from PS and PS 2 hard disk to PS 3. Previously, the rear transfer function from PS 3 to memory card was not possible; but it was later modified to allow the same and also the transfer of the recorded files to other users of the PS 3.

Sony PlayStation 3 accessories have become so popular that they dictate the fashion or style statement of today’s youth. Details of all accessories as well as PS 3 games are available for purchase at [] Whats more this web site gives you a price list to check and compare the prices of accessories. It also gives you a clear idea of ​​the most recent or upcoming accessory or game that is on board. Don’t forget to take advantage of the discounts offered on this site. You’ve waited long enough, don’t wait long; search for your favorite PS 3 accessories online.

Source by Derick Mathew

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