In Search Of: A Reboot With New Episodes and Leonard Nimoy (or a Reasonable Facsimile)

The original SEARCHING FOR … was a very popular television series from 1977 to 1982. Rod Serling was the host for a brief time before his passing. Leonard Nimoy has become the face of the show and the one we remember best. Her flowing lines, inflections of voice, and laid back personality helped garner huge notes. Add to that the show’s content which covered popular topics listed in Nimoy’s opening sequence in his best Spock voice: “Lost civilizations, aliens, myths and monsters, missing people, magic and witchcraft, unexplained phenomena. “

Leonard Nimoy was such an iconic part of the original series. I think the next History Channel reboot needs it just as much as the original. The problem is, he passed away some time ago. So, I thought maybe the History channel could find a way to bring it back? Maybe use a spiritualist medium or find a child who says, “I see the dead.” Or try a digital recreation and vocal mix. Then it occurred to me … All they need is a Nimoy clone and one is readily available!

Zachary Quinto played a young Spock in the Star Trek movie reboot, and played him again in two other Trek movies. Quinto is a talented actor and, even with the original Spock standing right next to him, delivered the character in an almost supernatural way. This performance bound him forever to Nimoy and I guess that’s why he was chosen to host the new IN SEARCH OF …

Quinto is also the executive producer. He offered this statement about the reboot: “I am so excited to reinvent ‘In Search Of’ and explore new questions and phenomena with all the advancements in science and technology that we have benefited from over the past 40 years. years since the original series first aired. In the mind of my late dear friend Leonard Nimoy, we intend to honor and perpetuate his endless curiosity about the world – and the universe – in which We live. Our director Eddie Schmidt and our partners at Propagate, Universal Television Alternative Studio and FremantleMedia International have started the process with enthusiasm and intelligence, and History is the perfect home for this unique and compelling series. “

He is not Nimoy and does not try to be. Still, it’s hard to watch Zachary Quinto like anyone else in the reboot’s hosting role. There is the slight resemblance without the Spock makeup, but there is more. Zachary Quinto provides the same low-key, positive delivery that Leonard Nimoy did when he hosted the original show. The reboot also gives Quinto the chance to shine as it’s not just a reboot, but an experience.

The show is listed as an “unscripted television” show. As Spock might put it, “If you assume the host will read from some sort of material prepared to feature various segments of each show, I don’t see how that would be unscripted. And if Bones answered him, he might say, “For once, I have to be okay with that inhuman green-blooded computer.” Spock might thank him for the compliment, but I also wonder what “unscripted” means in this case.

I hope and believe that we will see something new and unique. A reality-investigative documentary type program that is best suited to today’s viewers. The original IN SEARCH OF … might have lasted another five years if it hadn’t been for trying to make the seventies in the eighties. It retained the iconic but very dated 1970s theme with outdated synth music from the late 1960s.

The original show premiered on cable a while back and garnered good ratings. However, it is not a program that attracts viewers under the age of fifty. I loved the original for its content, but watching those episodes was like watching the 1970s AIRPORT movies with that bad camera job, about the best characters and stuck silent movie star Gloria Swanson in her last film role before changing planes for the trip to Paradise. The shows just gave off that seventies vibe.

Rebooting has to be something new and different, but not too different. We don’t need another Gong Show reboot with Mike Meyers playing a fictional British comedian who was never the host, and making a bad impression of himself. This explains the presence of Quinto. It satisfies the nostalgic crowd, while attracting a younger audience. At least ten episodes are on the way, and hopefully the ratings on The History Channel will provide the reasons. The show will premiere in fall 2018.

The only advice I can offer Zachary Quinto is the same advice Bones gave Scotty in STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME. They were in a plastics factory trying to get enough materials to build a tank of whales aboard their confiscated Klingon spacecraft with no money or anything to trade. Scotty was supposed to be an expert in visiting Scotland and gave an outstanding performance. Bones looked at Scotty and said, “Don’t get lost in the role!”

Source by William A. Edwards

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