Saving Money and Heating the Home

Using solar heating can get expensive in cold weather, so finding ways to save money on heating your home is imperative. Solar panels are used to collect energy from the sun and turn it into electricity that can be used throughout your home. This same solar energy technology can be used to heat your home.

Heat collectors, or solar thermal systems, work the same way as solar cells, except that they absorb heat as well as light generated by the sun and use it to heat air or a liquid. This heated air or liquid is then used to transfer heat into your home. You have many options that allow you to enjoy a warm home and save money on gas and heating costs with solar power.

Passive solar heating is very effective on large windows that face south, allowing sunlight to enter your home. Solar light and heat are absorbed by floors, walls, or any dark colored container or object. When this heat is absorbed, it increases the temperature of the house by several degrees. As the hot air rises, the heat spreads throughout the house quite efficiently.

Active solar

With active heating using solar energy, heat collectors containing liquids or air will be used to collect heat from the sun. This heat is stored just like solar panels store energy in their batteries. When you want to heat the house, the heated air is used to send heat throughout the house or just to individual rooms, depending on the system you have installed. Using liquids, the house is heated using a pump that allows the liquid to flow through the pipes in your house, providing heat.

Liquid Active Solar using liquids requires pipes or tubes, a radiant tile system, to be installed under floors or in the walls of your home. To heat your home, the liquid is heated and the heat radiates from the pipes, raising the temperature. Other home heating methods, such as space heaters and hot water radiators, use stored hot water to provide heat to rooms. When using liquid active solar heat, the water can also be heated, saving you a ton of money.

Solar and geothermal combination

Solar collectors absorb heat from the sun and store it to be used to heat the air, or even water, in your home. Heat can also be collected through geothermal heating systems. These systems require the installation of water lines near your house below the ground. They connect to heat pumps, transferring hot water from the ground so that it can be used in the home. The combination of geothermal systems and other solar heating methods can increase efficiency in areas with extreme cold or long periods with little sunlight.

When it comes to solar energy, there is no end to what can be accomplished. Not only can you save money by heating your home with solar energy, but you can also heat water.

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Source by Edmund Brunetti

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