Visiting Vancouver Island

Traveling from the Lower Mainland of British Columbia to beautiful Vancouver Island, travelers have many choices for getting there, depending of course on where they want to be when they land on the island. I sailed BC Ferries from Tsawassan Terminal to Swartz Bay as I wanted to visit the capital city of Victoria and last week I sailed from Horseshoe Bay to Duke Point in Nanaimo as it was my chosen destination for this trip in particular. In both cases I have to say that I found the ferries to be excellent value for money. They are all very comfortable, well equipped and basically have something for everyone to spend their time during the two hour trip.

For those who want to get there faster or who are perhaps a little more affluent, you can choose from a range of small seaplanes that fly continuously to various destinations on the island. For a little more money, you can even choose to fly a helicopter if that’s what thrills you. For me, the idea of ​​a short sea voyage itself provides a thrill and, of course, a few subdued thoughts on the famous Titanic on its fateful maiden voyage. Seriously, we’ve come a long way in technology since those days and BC Ferries is a good example of modern marine engineering. En route to the island by ferry, there are many sights to see and plenty of photos worth taking with your digital camera. For lucky travelers, it’s apparently common to see a school of whales as they move between the Gulf Islands and the Strait of Georgia to faraway places. Plus, depending on what time of day you decide to travel, you may take the opportunity to see some of the most wonderful and awe-inspiring sunsets you can find anywhere. Normally I try to time my trip back to the mainland to coincide with the sunset time and this way I can capture a new range of images and endless shades of color with my device. Photo.

If you’re in no rush to get to Vancouver Island, ferries are definitely the way to go. From the minute you get to the terminal you choose to depart from, they are very well organized and almost regimental in everything they do to make your trip less stressful. Their staff are extremely friendly and helpful and they will guide you and your car right onto the ship, showing you when to park and how to find your way there later. Once you exit your vehicle and enter the stairs, a new world of exploration awaits you through the various levels from bow to stern. They have great eating areas and a great restaurant too, so you can have a full breakfast or maybe just a cup of freshly brewed coffee to start your trip. Amidships you’ll find a section of small cabins where you can instantly connect to the internet and do business on your laptop. There is a playroom for the kids and a video game room for the older kids and overall the whole ship is well presented, clean and comfortable everywhere you go. Unlike the majority of the ships I sail on, the ferries did not display the usual amount of seagulls hovering over her as she left the terminal. Maybe BC’s seagulls don’t see a lot of this delicious food on ships, and as a result, they tend to stay away. At least they did when I sailed to the island.

If you have never been to Vancouver Island, wherever you decide to disembark from the ship, you will instantly notice the quality of the air, the lush vegetation that abounds everywhere and the friendliness and very laid back style of the people there. live. The island has everything you can dream of in any destination and no matter which direction you may drive the scenery has continued to improve all the time. View of the ocean and the rugged mountains. Smaller islands were speckled endlessly on serene blue waters. Eagles hovering overhead and extremely tame deer roaming almost anywhere you go. It is indeed a wonderful place and in my humble opinion it just might be a little slice of heaven on Earth.

Source by Robert M Littlejohn

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